How Heartbreak Prepared Izzy For The Bachelor

She burst onto the red carpet like a ray of sunshine, but Izzy Sharman-Firth says it was heartbreak that prompted her to apply for the show.

Chatting to 10 play way back in March, Izzy said she loves to push herself out of her comfort zone.

“I was dating someone for a couple of months, he ended things and I was really upset, quite devastated, but it also made me realise I was in a place where I want to find love,” she said.

“I think it was really nice to be with someone and, for the first time in a year or so, I felt ready to be in a relationship. I saw the ad [for The Bachelor] pop up and thought… why the hell not?”

Having watched most seasons, Izzy also noted that the Aussie Bachelor has “a pretty good success rate” when compared to the American franchise, but something else that appealed to her was a complete lack of control.

“I typically choose people that aren’t a good fit for me so... I figured having someone else kind of choose it couldn’t be worse than what I choose for myself,” she said, laughing.

Heading into the mansion, Izzy said she was worried about feeling alone in the experience, and the dynamics of the house.

“But also the fear of not having an opportunity to show who I am and being rejected,” she added. “I’m quite happy if I leave this experience and Locky’s had a chance to get to know me and I’m just not the right fit, I’d feel better about the situation than if I go home and he hasn’t really had the opportunity to get to know me.”

Being away from family and friends was an adjustment, thankfully Izzy quickly clicked with a few of the other bachelorettes in the house.

“I’ve got like a little rock in here, I think without that I’d probably be going a bit crazy because I’m really close to my friends. If I’m at work and I can’t touch my phone all day because I have too much to do, I’ll finish the day and have like 150 messages in the group chat! I’ll literally scroll and catch up… You don’t miss that much,” she joked.

“It’s weird not having that, it’s been an adjustment.”

Letting her family know where she was going to be, Izzy said her mum was supportive, encouraging and -- as all mums are -- a bit apprehensive.

“My dad literally thought I was joking. He didn’t even know what The Bachelor is,” she said, laughing.