‘His Loss’: Sierah Swepstone Leaves The Bachelor Mansion With One Final Hilarious Tirade

The self-described ‘tall, horny bogan’ didn’t hold back after she did not receive a rose from Jimmy Nicholson on Thursday night.

With a parting hug that was colder than ice, Sierah got into the back of the limo and drove off home. And, in a style we’ve come to expect from the hilarious bachelorette, unleashed all of her unfiltered thoughts.

“I kind of had an inkling that Jimmy wasn’t into tall, horny bogans. I think any guy would be lucky to have me. Jimmy couldn’t see that, that’s a him problem,” she said at the time labelling her elimination as “bullsh**, bullsh**, bullsh**”.

Speaking to 10 play after her elimination and reflecting on her time in the mansion, Sierah noted, “I didn’t realise how funny I was, you know?”

“I watch myself back, it’s quite pleasing to see. I honestly don’t remember saying half the stuff,” she added, laughing.

The 28-year-old admitted that she had always thought about applying for The Bachelor.

“I definitely do want a boyfriend legitimately, but I think I just always wanted to experience it, so I applied and it was just a whirlwind,” she said. “As soon as I had my first audition I was like, I nailed that. I’m totally going to get on.”

Noting that Jimmy wasn’t her “usual type”, Sierah said she got the immediate impression that he was slightly intimidated by her when she arrived on the red carpet.

“I would have eaten him alive,” she laughed. “I’m not surprised I didn’t win.”

But heading into the group date on Thursday, Sierah managed to score herself some uninterrupted one-on-one time with Jimmy. Though the two had managed to speak at almost every cocktail party, this was the first time they could spend some time without the rest of the bachelorettes watching on.

“I was feeling incredibly cocky, I thought I was definitely going to get a rose. Turns out, that wasn’t the case unfortunately for me.

“I thought that my chances were pretty high because I obviously thought I swooned him, charmed the pants off of him, but clearly he didn’t agree,” she added.

“Definitely his loss. I would have been a bloody hoot to go on a date with,” Sierah said.

“I wanted a single date because I wanted my own episode about me, but it turns out the whole first half of the season was about me so it didn’t matter much if I got a date or not,” she added, laughing.

Shocked that she was sent home, Sierah admitted she may have been “just really way too cocky”, and noted that the irony of events wasn’t lost on her.

“A few episodes ago I was going, ‘Woo! Ashleigh left, she didn’t get a rose or a kiss after her chat’ and then there’s me, absolute poetic justice getting my extra time and not getting a rose. Karma at its finest, isn’t it?”

Throughout the season, Sierah remained unapologetically and brutally honest in all confessionals, and while it may have polarised some viewers, she said she has no regrets about how she came across.

“I’m not everyone’s cup of tea but I think you can tell by the way that I interact with the girls and the fact that no one’s really bitching about me or anything… you can tell that I was nice to everybody.

“I think when I say things, I feel like it does come across with a sense of humour. There’s no real negative passion in the things I say so I wasn’t too concerned and I think I came across pretty well,” she said.

“I honestly rewatch myself,” she added. I sit in bed and I watch it on my laptop and take video recordings on my phone of all the funny stuff I’ve said. My library is just full of clips of myself. I know I shouldn’t admit that but it’s true.”

Sadly, Sierah has yet to experience the full length of her newfound notoriety, something she’s very much looking forward to.

“Because I’m in Victoria, we’ve been locked down and I have to wear a mask so I haven’t been recognised anywhere, unfortunately.

"I was really looking forward to when someone on the street is like ‘Oh hey, you’re fart girl’ or ‘you’re chlamydia girl’. Haven’t had it yet, but I’m sure it’ll happen.”

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