For Bella And Irena, The Bachelor Has Been The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship

There has been A LOT of drama unfolding this season, but amidst the chaos, a beautiful friendship is blooming.

Bella and Irena have stated several times that they’re best friendsWhile that’s a big statement to make about someone you’ve known for a few weeks, some people click from the get-go. And when it comes to these two, it’s easy to see how and why.  

In Bachelor world, tensions run high; with many an emotionally invested seeker of love finding themselves caught up in Group Date and Cocktail Party drama. Though emotionally invested themselves, when not-so-nice behaviour has gone down, rather than getting stuck in, these two have backed out. Taking a very different approach to fighting for the man they may love. 

bella and Irena

One thing thats been beautiful to witness is their support for one another. Like when Irena was asked on a date and Bella told the other girls that she was “happy for her … Really glad that they got the date”.  

Given how much Bella’s feelings for Locky have deepened since their first date and Cocktail Party smooch (she’s only human, after all), seeing her friend go on a date with him would have been incredibly difficultFeeling happy for her friend was super kind and generous. 

It’s so hard because Irena is like my best friend in here. And I love her, genuinely, like I love her so much. Like, She’s the older, better version than me.

At times, situation Bachelor has taken its toll. With Bella breaking down while chatting to Irena. “I’m seeing him look at so many girls the same way that he looked at me” she told her friend, before sharing that she’s used to feeling “not good enough”.  

bella and Irena

In this season’s biggest womanceIrena told Bella - “Just please, please do not ever, ever think that, because you are! You are. Ok? You are good enough. You’re better than good enough!” 

Women fixing other women’s crowns, helping each other maintain dignity in difficult situations, this is what we LOVE to seeA genuine, heart-felt moment happening far away from all the drama going down at the other end of the house. 

Coming into this, the fact that I have made the most incredible friendship with Bella is the biggest reward and the biggest bonus out of this. At the same time, it’s hard because you’re both after the same guy and we both seem to have a very strong connection with Locky.

There’s no denying Irena and Bella are frontrunners to winning Locky’s heart. And that’s starting to break ours.  While we have no doubt Locky would be lucky to spend his life with either of these women, we can’t bear the thought of him having to choose between them.  

 Whatever happens, may Bella and Irena’s friendship last until death do them part.  

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