Family Tragedy Helped Juliette Find Religion, Now She’s Ready To Find Love

When Juliette Herrera was just 18-years-old, her father was diagnosed with motor neuron disease.

Speaking to 10 play in March, Juliette explained that her father’s diagnosis forced her to ask some of life’s biggest questions, and also set her on the course to begin a relationship with God.

“When that happens you’re really confronted with death,” she said. “Why am I on this planet? Why has this happened to my beautiful dad?”

Becoming angry with God meant that Juliette also began questioning her faith and relationship with God, spending years trying to find answers to her questions.

“I needed to find peace, or at least some truth, to deal with what was happening in my life,” she said. “I didn’t feel like I could find stability in a human and so I started to seek a higher power - and is there a higher power?”

Hating God for letting her father get sick, Juliette said she went through the usual pain and anger anyone would feel in similar circumstances. “I was like, how can you let bad things happen to good people? What’s wrong with you?”

All of that turned around on a trip to India where a woman prayed for her.

“I had this tangible experience and it changed me completely. From then on I was like, okay, I’m going to read and seek You for you,” she said, “I just want the real deal. If you’re real, just keep showing me and change me as well.”

After she became more invested in religion and her relationship with God, her family followed.

“My dad also started believing in God,” Juliette told us. “He was really angry at God because he was sick… he was paralysed, couldn’t talk or walk. I couldn’t hear him talk for eight years.”

Relying on eye contact and energy to communicate with her dad, Juliette has brought that with her in life, attuned to people’s energy and vibes they’re putting out. Her dad passed away when she was 26, Juliette said she believes he survived longer because of his family’s love.

“We made our whole house into a little hospital, we made sure he was always loved. We held hands, watched Friends, joked and danced with him.

“Even though he couldn’t move, we knew spiritually he was still alive, and we believed that he would fight it,” Juliette said.

After spending years investing in her spiritual side, finding God’s love and allowing herself to love herself, Juliette realised she hadn’t invested in relationships.

“I don’t know what it’s like for a man to love me and take care of me and actually care about me,” she said.

“I don’t know what it’s like to have someone look out for you, or to see how your day is or what your dreams are. Even though I’m fulfilled, I don’t actually know what that feels like -- and maybe I need that.”

With encouragement from her mum and sister, Juliette applied for The Bachelor not expecting to be contacted for the show, putting it in God’s hands.

“I realised the bachelors they choose are well-rounded, they’re charismatic, respectable and are actually looking for a relationship, so I threw caution to the wind!

“I’ve never told a guy I like him, never chased a guy, I’ve just been sitting at home… dancing around the house,” she said, laughing, adding that she’s been single for 12 years.

“Obviously you’re scared your heart’s going to get broken and how deep you will fall in love, but the most important thing is finding whether there actually is a connection and whether there’s something to build on.

“Or maybe you’re not going to connect, and if so… I want it to end. I’m old! I don’t want to waste my time and I don’t want to waste [Locky’s] time as well because he’s really genuine and so open to the process.

“Don’t give me a rose if we’re not vibing! I don’t have time to waste, mate,” Juliette said, laughing, “I need to have babies soon! I left it too long, I was having too much fun with God.”

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