Everything You Need to Know About The Ladies Entering The Bachelor Mansion

In only a few weeks, Locky Gilbert will be gracing our TV screens with his charming personality and undeniable good looks and honestly, it’s about time.

With lockdown laws coming into place, some aspects of the season will be slightly different from previous years. But one thing will remain the same – the wild Red Carpet Arrivals. All Bachy ride-or-die’s know that the red carpet has held some very interesting first impressions, and this year is no exception.

Locky’s in for a real treat, and if the promos are anything to go off, these fresh-faced Bachelorettes aren’t holding back. At ALL.

First off is Bella, the bright-eyed sweetheart with silky brown locks. Is it just us, or does it look like she stole her gorgeous golden gown from a Disney princess? In what may be the cutest gesture in Bachy history, Bella pulls a heart pin from her dress and places it onto Locky’s sleeve, saying “I got you a little heart so you can always remember to wear your heart on your sleeve.” Could this be the beginning of a cute fairy tale romance?

Then we meet Rosemary, a 23-year-old from Victoria who has no difficulty strutting her stuff down the red carpet in a… penguin suit! Talk about making a memorable impression, right?!

Locky loves a girl who takes risks because after all, he’s one of the biggest risk-takers out there and wants someone to be able to adapt to his hectic lifestyle. And according to the promo, she’s got another bold move up her sleeve for the Cocktail Party, stating “I want to show him, hey, I’m not just a penguin, I’m a person too.” Glad she cleared that up, cause dating a penguin seems, umm, strange… to say the least.

Next up is lady in red, Steph, and she and Locky chat about one of the most important topics out there - burritos. We couldn’t think of a better way to start a conversation! She may be a bit too hot n’ spicy for him, but Locky loves a girl with similar tastes, so could this be the beginning of a romantic fiesta?

Next out of the limo is Irena, and things start to get a little more… frisky. Locky’s heart skips a beat or two, with him revealing “Her hands were in my shirt, buttons undone…”. With a stethoscope at her disposal, Irena has got Locky feeling a little flustered. Will their connection last?

For 24-year-old Laura, diamonds are her best friend… so are Louis Vuitton bags, Chanel earrings and Porsche Cayenne Turbos. The girl has serious expensive taste, and with her birthday coming up, there’s one thing on her mind. Putting Locky on the spot, Laura asks “If things go well, when we are together, how much will you spend on my present?” The girl DOES NOT hold back!

Locky’s response was pretty hilarious though, saying “She has a $1000 bag, that’s 5 trips to Bali… I could definitely get you a Louis Vuit-Con bag in Bali, don’t worry about that.” LOL! Not sure that will be up to Laura’s standards, but who can be disappointed with 5 trips to Bali?!

And who doesn’t love a little dancing as an icebreaker? Locky sweeps Nicole off her feet (literally) when he lifts her into the air, followed by a super cute slow dance. “I don’t expect a girl to jump off buildings for me, but if she jumps into my arms that’s a good start.” These two cuties appear to hit it off right from the start, but will they be able to dance their way to the end?

Finally, we meet 25-year old Areeba, a stunning boss babe who knows EXACTLY what she wants. She tells the camera “I’m boss at work, I’m boss at home and I’m a boss in my relationship.” Will Locky be able to handle an independent woman like Areeba? Will Areeba find the man of her dreams in Locky?

Meet the rest of the girls when The Bachelor premieres 7.30 August 12 on 10 and 10 play