The Bachelor Season 3: Episode 15

War of the Roses

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War of the Roses - OMG. There's a Ring

As we’re still recovering from the loss of Heather, it’s nice to be greeted into this penultimate Bach episode on more of a somber note. Bachie has some hard decisions to make – he only has one date left with his top three to decide which two he would like to introduce to Dad, Sister and Bro Bach.

The Bachelor Australia S3 Ep 15 blog

Starting things off in high gear, sports car Sam races through the streets of Sydney on his way to meet Snezana. Before he gets there, we’re treated to a montage of all their times together and while Sam ponders the weight of becoming an instant baby daddy and Parmi lets us know that she’s a goner and uses the L-bomb.

The Bachelor Australia S3 Ep 15 blog

At a stunning penthouse in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, Sam surprises Snez with champagne and a lace dress. A tuxed-up Bachie takes Snezana to the Sydney Opera House in her new dress where he has arranged for two of the top guns from the Australian Ballet to dance just for the two of them. When Snez cries tears of happiness, Bachie pats himself on the back and we all get the feeling, it won’t be long before Parmi tells him how she feels.

The Bachelor Australia S3 Ep 15 blog

Back at the penthouse, Sam starts making Snezana an espresso martini and those of us at home realise HE REALLY IS THE PERFECT MAN. After a quick pash on the couch, Snez lays it all out on the table for Sam, giving him the realities that come with dating a mum. For his part, he assures her that if she’s standing across from him at the end, it will only be because he’s 100 per cent sure he’s ready to not only be taken-Bach, but Daddy-Bach as well.

Lana is up next and Sam kicks things off by telling us how quickly things have moved for the pair. Sam walks Lana to a seaplane, which takes them to Palm Beach where he has organised a mysterious location for the two to set up camp. The conversation is flowing, as is the champagne and Sam tells Lana that he copped it last week from her mum and whilst Lana seemed a little surprised, she was proud of her for asking the hard questions.

After talking about their feelings, the pair hit the water, literally. It’s been a while since Bachie has embraced his inner child and for his hot date with Lana he has organised for a tandem tube ride. Sam was impressed at Lana’s ability to hang on and the two made their way back to land wrapped in a towel… and each other’s arms.

The Bachelor Australia S3 Ep 15 blog

Back at the apartment, Bachie has a candlelit dinner waiting for Lana and the pair let each other know that they would move states for each other and, Lana lets Bach know that she’s fallen for him. Sam manoeuvres around telling her the same thing in return, but let’s her know that he’s pictured her as his future bae. In keeping with the water theme, Sam suggests a midnight swim and after a little bit of small talk, this date finishes up with a perfect kiss.

Resplendent in hat and cape, Sarah waits for Sam in a park somewhere. In another slick transportation move, Sam pulls up in horse and cart in order to trot her through the countryside and her last thread of emotions. Sam sits Sarah down to high tea and a hard talk about not letting her guard down.

The Bachelor Australia S3 Ep 15 blog

As Sarah attempts to do just that, Sam lets her know that he has growing feelings for the other girls as well. EEP. As Sarah’s walls go back up, the conversation shuts down and we all start to get the sinking feeling we might be saying goodbye to our favourite blonde.

To round out their day, Sam has gone old school romance: fire, wine, cheese. If this doesn’t help her to open up, we’re not sure anything will.

The Bachelor Australia S3 Ep 15 blog

Luckily, she does just that and Sarah starts to tell Sam exactly how she feels and whilst Sam is pleased, he tells her that it all might be a case of too little, too late.

The Bachelor Australia S3 Ep 15 blog

Before the rose ceremony, Sam heads off to Zamels to pick a ring and the girls get one last shot at telling Bachie about all of their feelings by shooting a video message.