The Bachelor Season 3: Episode 14

War of the Roses

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War of the Roses - Bachie Come Home

With Sam set to visit the families and hometowns of the four remaining girls, things are really getting serious.

The Bachelor Australia S3 Ep 14 blog

First hometown visit goes to Heather in Brisbane, who decides to meet Bach at the top of Mount Coot-tha, where her plans are to “hug the crap out of him”. She explains the significance of meeting him there is linked to her late dad, and over hot chocolate and scones Sam and Heather have another beautiful, genuine moment.

The Bachelor Australia S3 Ep 14 blog

Heather didn’t have a typical upbringing and instead of taking Sam home to meet mum and dad, she takes Bach home to Warrick – her close family friend she met whilst rollerblading on his farm, checking out his horses…

Sam gets off to an uncomfortable start when he lowers the fence for Warrick to get through however, Warrick doesn’t need help and asks Sam never to do that again! Inside the house, Sam starts sweating bullets and repeatedly wiping his hand through his thick, lustrous hair as Warrick starts to question his motives for signing up to the show.

Briefly saved by the appearance of best friend / little, big sister Laura, Sam’s grilling continues over dinner but he plays it out well by telling Warrick that Heather is unique and all sorts of amazing while sneakily holding her hand under the table.  Sam’s reprieve is only brief however as Warrick takes him outside for a man-to-man.

The Bachelor Australia S3 Ep 14 blog

Inside the farm house, Heather tries not to say the L word to best friend Laura, while Warrick forces Bach to analyse why he has chosen each girl for his top 4, those of us playing along at home pat ourselves on the back for figuring out which girl is which.

When Warrick takes Heather aside, the two who started off as skeptics discuss how she has unexpectedly found something meaningful in the land of Bach and reveals that even if she’s not the last girl standing she can walk away knowing that Sam thinks she’s awesome. Warrick tells Heather he thinks she’s in with a chance, but even if she doesn’t end up Mrs. Bach, there will be a moment where Sam realises all the things she brought to his life. Then he goes on to tell her that “You don’t have to be blood to be family,” and we all reach for the tissues. Oh God, now Heather’s crying. Great, now we’re all crying.

The Bachelor Australia S3 Ep 14 blog

Next hometown goes to Lana. She meets Bachie in the misty bush of the Berowra Valley on the outskirts of Sydney. Sam returns as the pair hit the water on a pimped out tinny. With the sun pouring down and the tinny putting down the river, the pair talk about how strange it is that things aren’t strange.

The Bachelor Australia S3 Ep 14 blog

With the motor switched off, the pair feel like they have the place all to themselves. The pair lock lips whilst taking in their surroundings and Lana tells us at home that Sam is marriage material.

Off home to meet Lana’s mum and best friend Robin, and it turns out this beautiful girl comes from a beautiful home. Sam is armed with wine and flowers for Lana’s mum and it’s not long before they have their first sip that mum whisks him downstairs and Lana starts “freakin’ out”.

The Bachelor Australia S3 Ep 14 blog

Lana’s mum gets straight to the point and raises the fact Sam and Lana live in different states whilst emphasizing how close their family is. Although Bachie was caught off-guard, he managed to get through the grilling with ease.

After putting the hard word on Sam, mum goes on to chat it through with Lana and while she is practically exploding from her love bubble, mum warns her that she has to be mindful of not getting too carried away. We fear your warning might be all be a bit too late mum, as Sam and Lana’s goodbye results in a big old pash and Bachie telling Lana that he’s going to miss her.

Off to the Mornington Peninsular and our lone blonde Bachelorette, Sarah. Leather Bachadero shows up for what appears to be the coldest picnic two people have ever gone on.

The Bachelor Australia S3 Ep 14 blog

As the pair brave the elements, Bach reflects on how easy it would be for their two worlds come together and Sarah lays it all on the table telling Sam there shall be no baby-making for a few years if he chooses her.

The Bachelor Australia S3 Ep 14 blog

Off home and the entire family are there to measure up the new man. Mum takes Sam off to the veggie patch to ask him what type of animal he is; turns out Sam’s a Labrador and mum is pleased with this news. Next, Bach breathes a massive sigh of relief when Sarah’s dad offers him a sympathetic ear and well wishes, but it’s not long before the sister is taking it to him over dinner.

On a scale, the grilling is not too bad and before dinner is out, Australia decides their new hero is Sarah’s grandma who is more interested in her wine than in any of the other stuff that’s going on around the table. It’s easy to see Sam as part of this family and both Bach and Sarah think so too, as their day is sealed with a kiss in the dark.

The Bachelor Australia S3 Ep 14 blog

Bach’s final destination is to visit Snezana in Perth. Meeting her beachside, Snez lets Sam know they’re going to have a little walk on the beach before meeting Eve in the park and then go home where her whole family are waiting. When Bach reveals that he’s nervous about meeting Eve, Snez tells him that he should be nervous because if he doesn’t impress her, he’s “stuffed.”

It’s been eight weeks since Snez has seen Eve and their tear-filled reunion has the guy on the magic chime music working double-time. After a quick walk around the park, this gorgeous trio sit down to some ice-cream and we all fall in love with Bach a little more when we see that he’s gone for the choc top WITH Flake. Eve soon steals Sam away with a list of hard-hitting questions including what his thoughts are on One Direction and how much he likes her mum out of ten. He gives Snez a measured 9.4 out of 10.

The Bachelor Australia S3 Ep 14 blog

Next, Sam, Snez and Eve are off home to meet her big European family and eat their body weight in food. After being served three types of meat, Bach makes a heartfelt speech, which is greatly received, but doesn’t save him from answering the “would you move to Perth” question. It isn’t long before Snez’s brother Rob takes Bachie outside for the final grilling of the evening. Rob doesn’t pull any punches with his questioning, asking Sam if he will be taking Snez from the family; how strong his emotions can really be with three other girls around; and has he really considered the fact that he would go from being the Bachelor to being responsible for two other lives than his own.

The Bachelor Australia S3 Ep 14 blog

Next, Snez’s sister pulls her aside with a big slap in the face of reality. It would seem her sister is not convinced that three dates is enough to have found true love, especially when your man is dating “other chicks.” While Snez tries to explain how she’s gotten through Bachland unscathed, her sister struggles to accept the fact she is able to forget about all the other lips Bachie’s been kissing. In the end, we feel like Snez wins the argument, but has probably walked away for a stiff drink.

After a massive week, this rose ceremony was always going to be emotional but the outcome was definitely something we didn’t see coming.