‘Dumped In My Living Room’: Bel Colwell’s Bachelor Journey Ends Via Video Chat

For the first time ever, The Bachelor went digital after the coronavirus pandemic put a pause on regular filming.

With Locky and his remaining Bachelorettes eager to continue their love story, Love in Lockdown became the new normal, with video chats, group dates and virtual rose ceremonies.

After the Bachelorettes returned home, they were given the go-ahead to keep in contact with Locky during the pause in filming.

“We could FaceTime, call and text and just do things that you would normally do if you were dating someone in the real world,” Bel told 10 play.

“I tried to give him as much space as possible,” Bel added, “he has nine other girlfriends, it’s probably extremely intense for him so I just let him call me when he wanted.

“I’d swing him a few tests to keep him in the loop with what was happening, but I tried not to be too… I didn’t want to be a hassle to him,” she said.

A completely new scenario for any season of The Bachelor, Bel said it was a ‘triggering’ experience.

“I feel like in normal life I’ve had so many experiences where I know that I haven’t been the only girl that someone’s talking to,” she explained. “This was just a bizarre thing where it’s like, okay now I know there are nine others but it still doesn’t feel great.”

Bel also said she and Locky had started to form a connection just before the production halt, thanks to some one-on-one time following the psychic group date.

“I actually did get extra time with him, so that night we had a bit of a date and a kiss and a rose. It was nice… I know it happened, which is what matters,” she said.

“At that point things were getting pretty heightened and I would say the heightened point of how I was feeling about Locky and our connection,” she said.

Bel added that she initially thought the time between the halt and Love in Lockdown had done her a favour, giving her and Locky the opportunity to get to know each other better. Which is why she was pretty shocked when she was the first Bachelorette to not receive a rose via a video group chat.

“I believed he was reaching out to me quite a bit and, from the sounds of it, more so than other girls. I was a bit shocked, not going to lie,” she said, adding that the hardest part was going through the Rose Ceremony separated from the other Bachelorettes.

“Normally when this happens you’re surrounded by everyone. You get to hug and say goodbye and you might even be lucky enough to have a moment with Locky where you get some closure,” she said.

“This was like… shut the laptop… alone in your house. I just got dumped in my living room… in a cocktail dress with a rose just sitting there staring at me.

“I’m standing in the room right now where it happened and trying to see it and not think about that memory,” she said with a big sigh.

Though the shock of her last rose ceremony was difficult, Bel said she loved the overall experience of the show.

“It was just so much fun and the girls are just the best. You make these connections and friendships that no one will ever understand and it’ll just be an experience I’ll probably never forget,” she said.

“I’ll definitely never forget.”

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