Ali Blog 8

Ali weighs in on fairytale days, Arabian Nights and body language blowouts

What a magical start to the week for Sam. She has to be pretty special to be getting more one-on-one time with Blake, and that’s just how he made her feel. That dress, the jewellery and the adorable fairy princess – I totally understand why Sam was overcome and, maybe for the first time, let herself be totally vulnerable. I know she hasn’t said the L word yet but I think Blake really, really wants her to! Hi!

The Arabian Nights group date had everything – romance, rivalries, a Bachelorette belly dance-off! The girls clearly enjoyed showing their moves and so would I.

What was Laurina thinking? I know girls are analytical about everything, but when a man says he has something in his eye, maybe give him the benefit of the doubt! I think Blake saw what a crazy relationship that could have been and that helped make up his mind about sending her home.

The dynamic in the house definitely felt a bit more relaxed with Laurina gone. The remaining girls are all so down to earth, but you better believe that they’ve all got their eyes on a hometown date prize!

They certainly put their lives in Blake’s hands with the abseiling group date. Heights, cliffs especially, freak me out so of course, my initial reaction would have been ‘Oh my god.’ But I’d definitely have given it a go – especially if my turn down had been with the Bachelor! The girls all handled it awesomely though.

Seeing how each solo date played out was really interesting. Louise is such a dark horse; she’s got everything and Blake even said as much. The more time we get to know Zoe, the more beautiful she seems, but I still feel she’s holding back too much. And Lisa… please stop giggling! I think it’s a defence mechanism so she can say something and then just laugh it off but you could see Blake’s frustration. I hope Lisa takes that on board and learns from it.

Jess definitely won the best solo date prize, but is her sizzling chemistry with Blake enough? Life isn’t always massages and hot tubs! If he really wants to see what they actually have in common, maybe they need to have a ‘you sit on this side of the table, I’ll sit on that side and we’ll just talk’ date?

Sam put that guard back up when Blake asked her if she’d found love, although I think that’s just because she wants to say it in her own right, without being asked. I think she’ll realise soon that if she doesn’t open up fully she could be going home.

Home is exactly where they’re headed next and I can’t wait to see how Blake handles some tough questions of his own!

Ali xoxo