Ali Blog 7

Ali talks about the week that got hearts racing


Last week Lisa put the moves on Blake at the cocktail party, this week she’s off to the races! I thought she’d get the one-on-one and I’m so glad she did. You can see the chemistry really building between them and they’re obviously getting comfortable expressing their feelings. Blake saying he’s open to the possibility of moving to Queensland because he respects how much Lisa loves her family made my heart melt.

The girls clearly didn’t love hearing about the massage part of the date though. It’s such a fine line because you want to share your experience but at the same time you don’t want the other girls feeling jealous or weird. Lisa was maybe a bit too upfront about it but I don’t think she did it to upset anyone.

Is Jess finally showing glimpses of jealousy? Seeing her face listening to Lisa – definitely! I always used to think to myself ‘I just need to concentrate on my own connection with Tim, nothing else matters,’ but jealousy is instinctive in those situations. The trick is keeping it under control!

That’s something the girls just couldn’t seem to do on the group date. Personally I think Jess is doing everything right, and I definitely don’t think Chantal playing spokesperson and confronting Blake after the Ghost Tour was the way to go – she wasn’t even there!

It’s great to see Louise coming out of her shell a lot more – she’s staking a claim for Blake’s affections in a big way. Has there ever been a solo date where a kiss happened that quick, and in a tub full of grapes? Their chemistry is so genuine and Blake clearly appreciated Louise saying she can see herself falling in love with him.

It’s so hard to know when the right time to confess those kinds of feelings is; the girls are probably still scared it won’t be reciprocated. It’s only really when you get to the stage where you realise he likes you just as much that you become confident enough to lay your feelings on the line like that.

Blake wanted the girls to help give something back, and the Heart Foundation ad was a great way to do it. I agree, Sam and Lisa’s ad was definitely the best – those two are hilarious, I could totally see them getting work as a comedy duo!

The Masquerade Party turned the traditional Rose Ceremony on its head and must have been a scary situation for the girls. They couldn’t believe Blake chose Laurina over Chantal, and I think her cold reaction was a defence mechanism. You don’t have to be happy for her but come on girls, at least pretend not to be quite so shocked! It just goes to show that at this stage, no one’s place in Blake’s heart is guaranteed.

Ali xoxo