Ali Blog 6

Ali talks about some sassy hellos and some tearful goodbyes


Well, Osher certainly knows how to make an entrance – three cards, three solo dates, three lucky ladies! I had to feel sorry for Amber, after missing out again, she really must have wondered what was going on.

Blake obviously really likes Sam, and I don’t blame him – it’s really hard not to! Genuine, down to earth and beautiful, she’s the whole package. They really looked like a couple on their picnic but she’s still got that guard up. She needs to let it all out and be in the moment.

It would have been hard for Mary and Rachel to see Lauren get a solo date. But whatever Blake has seen in them all, there must be something about Lauren that made him want to know more. I thought their date was a really cute way for them to get to know each other and see if there was any chemistry. They got cozy but I’m just not quite seeing that spark yet!

At least Lauren looked like she was having fun, though – Laurina didn’t even try on her date. Saying bowling was unacceptable… what does she think this is? Blake just wanted to take things back to basics and remind her that things won’t always be so lavish; sometimes dates will just be normal! I think even she eventually realised she’d made a mistake.

Blake said goodbye to Amber – was he maybe too scared to put her through another Rose Ceremony? I do think she appreciated it though and that theirs was a sweet goodbye.

The girls are all seriously threatened by Jess, and her back-in-time date with Blake can’t have helped – it was like a scene from The Notebook! Jess has something mesmerising and alluring about her; seeing them together it’s like, ‘Oh my god, love like this really exists?’.

‘New Look Louise’ really turned Blake’s head at the cocktail party, she looked stunning. Perhaps he’d forgotten about her a bit, so it was nice that she was like, ‘bam, I’m here, look at me!’ Lisa wasn’t messing around either – it was like no time had passed since her solo date with Blake, even though it was ages ago. They picked up exactly where they left off and she couldn’t wait to get in there… and get a cheeky kiss!

I can’t wait to see where that leads next week.

Ali xoxo