Ali Blog 5

Ali talks Luna Park lunacy, Bachelorette bake-offs and the Amber effect


A new week, but same old Amber! When Chantal got the one-on-one instead of her, I think she genuinely thought, ‘Why would Blake pick her over me?’. It goes to show that making lots of drama doesn’t necessarily get you lots of the Bachelor’s attention.

Lucky girl Chantal, what a beautiful date that was. Though I’d personally prefer to be out and about jumping from planes, it looked amazing and she clearly felt very spoilt, which is exactly what Blake was going for. I definitely think he chooses the more elegant and romantic dates for the ones that best suit it.

That was the most chemistry I think I’ve seen between Blake and another girl. It was so intimate, especially that slow dance followed by a kiss. I almost felt like crying!

Reaction to the new girls has thawed a bit, but it’s still pretty icy. Like Sam said, Mary seems like she really wants to stir things up and doesn’t really care if she steps on a few toes. I think she’s gone into defence mode, but she’s possibly taking it a bit too far!

The group date at Luna Park and the reaction to Jess was crazy. Laurina saying she had a fuller figure was plain old mean. Jess is just making the most of every situation; all the girls ridiculed her for trying to win that time with Blake but that’s what you’re there for!

I can understand that seeing them kiss could be hurtful, but I think Laurina’s reaction was jealousy and she just isn’t used to being second. Telling the girls that if anyone kisses Blake on a date she’ll leave… wow. If she said, ‘Okay, no one’s to get within two metres of Blake on a date,’ would the girls have to follow that rule too?

Zoe and Blake’s date was really cute and very thoughtful of him. I like how she finally started to open up more and I started to feel like I was watching a real couple. They obviously find more in each other than just looks, whereas some of the others are more about getting caught up in the moment and the chemistry.

Louise totally owned the ‘Bachelorette Bake-Off’! I think she’s awesome, so sweet and funny. I love baking so I think I would have been like her, having fun and trying to help everyone.

Oh dear, Amber joking around playing sabotage, then getting feisty when Kara accused her of turning off her oven - Amber totally turned off her oven! She still ended up receiving a rose, but you have to remember what Blake has (or hasn’t) seen. Okay, okay, so maybe part of me was secretly hoping she’d stay – she is hilarious!

The battle for Blake is getting intense and it’s clear he’s forming romantic connections with many of the girls. Who will win his love? We’ll see, but it’s clear that for now he’s keeping his heart very open!

Ali xoxo