Ali Blog 4

Ali gives her take on old rivalries, new arrivals and styling hair at 5000ft


From a solo date skydive to a Bachelor bombshell – what a week it’s been! The girls weren’t happy that Laurina got the one-on-one but I felt a real connection starting to build between her and Blake. She was strong, comforted him over his fear of heights and seemed like she would be good in a relationship. I started to really like her. But really Laurina, fixing your hair in the air? Enjoy the moment and don’t worry about it!

The pre-school date was a really nice idea. I loved that Lisa was just a big kid and really got involved. Amber talked herself up but she obviously still has territorial issues on a group date and doesn’t really know how to handle it. Zoe is still struggling to open up and Alana looked afraid to make a mess of herself in front of Blake. She seems sweet but I still don’t feel like we really know her.

The harbour cruise date was absolutely amazing and I loved getting to know Louise. She’s cute, sexy and seemed really in the moment. I was happy and surprised to see she has an outgoing spirit, and from the end of date kiss, I think Blake really responded to that too!

Louise was glowing when she got back and I’ll tell you, going on a date is great, but hearing about one’s not so fun. You want to know what they did, you’re genuinely interested, but intimate details? No thanks!

When Osher asked to talk to Blake at the cocktail party I knew something big was about to happen, but six new girls? I did not see that coming! Poor Blake looked a bit horrified and seeing the rest of the house react to the new arrivals, who can blame him?

That was just the start of it though; I couldn’t believe it when Amber rejected the rose. She’s certainly a drama queen but I’m glad she’s sticking around – I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next!

Ali xoxo