Ali Blog 2

Ali dishes the dirt on bucking bulls, big barneys and bonding with Blake


Things really hotted up in this week’s The Bachelor – in more ways than one! Holly had the best time on the first group date and was even brought to tears! I think Blake and Holly had a natural chemistry, but I still believe that she made the right decision when she chose netball over love - she’s worked her whole life to get to that point in her career.

The farm date was interesting to say the least. I would have loved to go on the bucking bull! Sam was eager to go first – she definitely wants to make herself known to Blake. But she wasn’t impressed with Laurina’s performance! I don’t think Laurina set out to cheat, but she didn’t really care about being busted because she got what she wanted – time with Blake. When he asked her why she came on the show, she paused for a long time and didn’t really give him a straight answer. I think she is open to finding love, but I’m not sure if she’s taking it all seriously at the moment.

Talking of Laurina, boy did she come under fire when she interrupted Anita’s chat with Blake! I understood why Sam wanted to protect Anita, because Anita didn’t stick up for herself. Anita gets so nervous – if she wants to form a connection with Blake she needs to take a deep breath and keep calm. It was a shame that she didn’t get much time with him because of Laurina’s interruption, but that’s what the cocktail parties are all about! Besides, Amber egged Laurina on knowing exactly what would unfold.

During the big showdown, one person who stood out was Lisa – I’d not really noticed her before but she showed a really caring side when she went to check that Laurina was okay. She was right – no girl should have to be left by themselves. Because of this, it seemed fitting that Lisa got the next single date. She went straight in for a kiss on the lips with Blake – from that moment, it was clear that the date would end with a proper kiss. Lisa and Blake seem to have a really genuine bond and I think all of Australia would have connected with her too!

Lisa was the first Bachelorette to kiss and tell – I never did this, but it seems like Lisa feels close to the other girls and just thought of it as reporting back to her mates. It’s interesting that she thinks she’s the only girl who’s kissed Blake – little does she know that Jessica got in there first! Although Lisa and Blake seemed to have a real connection, I think I see more chemistry between him and Jessica. We’ll see what happens!

Until next week,

Ali xox