A Tale of Two Bachelorettes

And then there were two... two lovely ladies that make Sam’s heart go thump-thump. But which one will get the bump-bump?

We’re sure Sam is thinking hard, reflecting, and possibly considering physically combining the two together to create ‘Snezlana.’ But only one can be the love of his life. To help him out, The Insider looks back on the ups and downs of Sam’s relationships with these two wonderful women.


Mysterious, exotic, motherly. Will Sam be the Prince Charming to this Macedonian Snow White?

From the moment they met, Sam was transfixed. They obviously have a “strong physical connection” (READ: making out on a group date, after a hot balloon ride, after making some pizza, really anywhere). Keen observers have noted that when they talk they often handhold with BOTH hands rather than just one. They’ve got the hots for each other.

Episode 12

Sam and Snez also have a more cultural, artistic connection. In the art school group date Snezana anonymously submitted the piece Sam liked the most, revealing their similar sensibilities. And earlier, Snezana and Sam chuckled quite sensibly at a clever culinary reference to a film they both enjoyed (the Death Star shaped dessert in episode 8).

The Bachelor

In the home dates Sam connected well with Snez’s adorable daughter Eve, and the scene looked set for Snez to win Bachie’s heart. But Sam was accosted by Snezana’s younger brother, who asked him to consider the realities of the situation. Is Sam ready to change his life drastically for Snezana?


The underdog, the new girl on the block. Will this charming intruder be the one for Sam?

The Bachelor Episode 10

Despite a 10 week handicap, Lana’s relationship with Sam is nothing to be scoffed at. When she arrived she kept her cool, flashed her striking blue eyes and Sam was like putty in her hands (to the dismay of many other Bachelorettes). Snagging a single date a day after arriving confirmed that Sam was bananas for Lana.

The pair have a lot in common. They both love kids – Sam works with kids and Lana showed playfulness and patience in the episode 11 kids sport group date. They’re both physical – Sam has his fitness company and Lana has a mean swing on the driving range. They both love kissing – they smooched for what seemed like hours on a boat in episode 14.

The Bachelor

Finally, Lana’s got some serious eye game. How are they so blue? Rumours abound that she wears contacts, that she paints them each morning, that they can hypnotise a Bachelor from 50 paces. Regardless, Sam’s mesmerised. But will pupil passion pull Lana over the love finish line?

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