‘A Surreal, Crazy Experience’: Stevie Grey Ends Her Time In The Bachelor Mansion

Following an explosive dinner party and a wild cocktail party, the last thing Stevie expected was to pack her bags.

Sadly, on Wednesday night her time in the Bachelor mansion came to an end after she did not receive a rose from Jimmy Nicholson.

Chatting to 10 play, Stevie revealed that she wasn’t even expecting to go into a rose ceremony after Tatum had made the decision to leave the mansion earlier that night during the cocktail party.

“I kind of did think that there wouldn’t be a rose ceremony considering the week before, when Jimmy sent Ashleigh home and there wasn’t another rose ceremony,” she explained.

“So it was quite intense knowing that Tatum had left and then we were about to lose somebody else. Unfortunately, it was me!”

Standing next to Steph waiting for the final rose, Stevie joked that she turned to one of her closest mates in the house and said, “Well darling, I think it’s going to be you, not me”.

“We both knew it was going to be me,” she added, laughing. “Steph is awesome and… [she] had built a much stronger connection with Jimmy than I had.

“By that point, Jimmy still hadn’t taken me on a single date and, every time he came to the cocktail party, he had never grabbed me first or anything like that.

“Walking into that rose ceremony I did feel like I was going to get a rose, but I was also feeling that maybe I would have been one of the bottom girls to receive a rose because Jimmy still hadn’t given me any extra one-on-one time with him.”

It was a tense evening leading up to the rose ceremony, with Jimmy’s sister and cousin stopping by for a dinner with the bachelorettes. With the addition of a box filled with anonymous questions for the bachelorettes, a confrontation broke out with the table almost split down the middle.

“It was a really intense situation and, sitting there with so many other women trying to get in the conversation with his family to show that you want to be there was super difficult,” Stevie explained.

“I was, unfortunately, down the very end of the table so, trying to get my voice across to them was quite difficult sometimes, but I spoke when I could and I said what I needed to say.

“I walked away from that thinking that I had definitely presented myself well, which I would always do in a situation like that regardless.”

Stevie also said, though she would often get time with Jimmy, it was difficult to forge a strong connection within the mansion.

“I definitely spoke to Jimmy at most of the cocktail parties,” she said, adding, “I felt quite under pressure because I was just looking around constantly thinking, ‘when is somebody going to come over and interrupt my chat’.

“I suppose I got overwhelmed, I wanted to make sure I asked all the right questions. Sometimes I feel like I probably didn’t get enough of an opportunity to have those kinds of conversations but I tried to do the best I could with the time that I had with him.

“It’s a pretty surreal, crazy experience, that’s for sure.”

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