‘A Pretty Firm Boundary For Me’: Why Lily Price Wasn’t Shocked To Be Sent Home From The Bachelor Mansion

On Wednesday night, Lily Price was one of two Bachelorettes who did not receive a rose from Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson.

As the Bachelor embarks on Hometown visits with the four remaining bachelorettes, Lily spoke to 10 play revealing that she wasn’t shocked at Jimmy’s decision.

“Before Brooke had come back, we knew Hometowns were approaching and there was a chance we would potentially go to Hometowns,” Lily told 10 play.

Adding that she was “a little bit unsure” about taking that next step as it had been a while since her last single date with Jimmy, Lily held out hope that the final single date would be hers to reconnect with Jimmy.

“My family means the world to me and I just wasn’t 100 percent in a place where I thought I could take him to meet my family,” she added.

“When Brooke came back and took [the last single date] I was just a little bit frustrated because I wasn’t in the place I needed to be.”

When asked if, hypothetically she was given a rose, would she have gone to Hometowns despite not having the final single date Lily simply said, “No”.

“I wouldn’t want to put Jimmy in a position where I wasn't 100 percent with it,” she added. “I did say that to him. I think if we had time to sort through a couple of things, definitely.

“But because I didn’t, that was a pretty firm boundary for me. I don’t introduce just anyone to my family. I could spend a day with Queen Elizabeth and it wouldn’t be enough,” Lily said, laughing.

Heading into what would be her last Cocktail Party, Lily admits she knew she was “pretty much done” from that moment on.

“I just wanted to let Jimmy know the way I was feeling had nothing to do with him, it was mainly my own boundaries that I set for myself and things not going to plan how I would have liked,” she said.

“I wanted to leave things on a really positive note with him because I had so much respect for him.

“It was a bit sad to go after having an amazing single date and a lot of time [together] in the first half. It was a little bit sad to have things derail towards the end but, something within my heart was telling me that’s the way it was meant to happen so I was just trusting that instinct.”

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