A Definitive Ranking Of Our Fave ‘The Bachelor Australia’ Premiere-Night Arrivals

Temporary tattoos. Motorcycles. Bridesmaids. BRIDES. The gals have really upped the ante in their attempts to make a lasting first impression this year.

Here’s a ranking of our select favourite arrivals from the premiere night

The bachelor australia on 10 and 10 play 2019

7. Isabelle:

Pilates instructor Isabelle ranks in at number 7 after she put Matt through his paces by getting him to do one-legged hip thrusts. In his suit. They’re already hard enough to do in gym attire!

We totally get it - the girl wants to ensure her man’s got good core strength, and we don’t blame her.

The bachelor australia season 7 on 10 and 10 play 2019

6. Abbie:

We all saw the promo - even Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland retweeted it – but property analyst Abbie’s awkward gaff had to make the list at number 6 due to this classic line:

Matt: “I’m an astrophysicist”

Abbie: “Okkkayyy… I’m a Gemini!”

Bless her little cotton socks. Matt was a total gentleman about it and responded with “I’m a Leo”, and it made us love our bachie even more.

the bachelor australia on 10 and 10 play 2019

5. Kristen:

Kristen comes in at number 5, and FUN FACT: Sometimes her friends call her the ‘China Girl’. (We don’t quiteeee know how to respond to that).

Back from a stint in – yep, you guessed it – China, the chirpy researcher rattled off sweet nothings in Mandarin to a very bewildered Matt. She also kept referring to her token gift as ‘her box’ and noticed Matt checking out ‘her box’...

THE box. Just say THE box.

The bachelor australia season 7 on 10 and 10 play 2019

4. Nichole:

Coming in at number 4 is Nichole from the Goldy. She’s defs one of the sassier, doesn’t-give-a-flying-rats-bout-the-other-gals type of Bachelorette, and she’s always up for a wild ride. In fact, she literally arrived at the mansion in some sort of Harley Davidson knock-off. She’s uber confident and just wants a guy to be her best m8 and do fun shit with, ya know?

Just the other day she had four guys in a car chasing and filming her on their Snapchat. PLZ TEACH US YOUR WAYS.

the bachelor australia on 10 and 10 play 2019

3. Vakoo:

What a stunning kween! NSW model Vakoo OWNED that fuchsia dress, strutting her stuff down the red carpet. She embodied all of us on a first date when she nervously practiced her intros in the limo before meeting Matt.

She sits at number 3 for convincing Matt to practice his best model walk and ‘smize’ down the carpet. TELEVISION GOLD! And also hot AF. Even Vakoo thought so, proclaiming “BAM! I’M PREGNANT”.

Same girl, same.

The bachelor australia season 7 on 10 and 10 play 2019

2. Rachael:

24-year-old Rachael from NSW certainly took the cake with her one-of-a-kind arrival in a BRIDAL GOWN AND VEIL. Also, she bought along her BFF for bridesmaid duties. We don’t think this has been done in the history of the Bachelor franchise, but props to her for having the confidence to be herself, and that’s why she sits at 2nd place.

She aspires to be a “hot, young bride”, and although Matt isn’t her usual cuppa tea, she hopes he has a “good job”. Well Rachael, there is quite possibly no job greater than an astrophysicist, it's pretty out of this world.

The bachelor australia season 7 on 10 and 10 play 2019

1. Elly:

Taking in the number 1 spot is the absolutely BEAUTIFUL Elly. OMG. What a catch. Seriously, she’s already our pick to steal Matt’s heart.

Not only did she make the most epic entrance by surprising Matt with a bonfire (that she lit herself) and marshmallows, but it turns out that she grew up in a country town called Parkes, home of the Parkes telescope. OUR BACHIE IS AN ASTROPHYSICIST. Telescopes, astrophysics…. They go together like mac n’ cheese.

Oh, and then Matt was all like “Wow! I could hang out at the dish, I could make it work!” HOW STINKIN’ CUTE!

It’s Meant To. Be. It’s written in the stars.

Or is it?

The Bachelor Australia continues 7.30 Thursday on 10 and 10 play