‘A Couple Were Strong Contenders’: Psychic Medium Alison Maiden Heads Into The Bachelor Mansion

While Locky’s journey to finding his soulmate gets more serious, things step up a notch with the help of world-renowned psychic medium Alison Maiden.

Coming from a long line of psychics and mediums in her family, Alison told 10 play that she’s been practicing for as long as she can remember.

“I was reading tea leaves by the time I was 5-years-old and Tarot by the time I was 12,” she said, adding, “I first started communicating with spirits around 10, that was a ghost in our house actually.”

What started out as just being able to predict who was going to call or visit the house began to grow into mediumship — being able to communicate and receive messages from those in the spirit world, she explained.

Now, Alison does readings for people all over the world — and went into the Bachelor mansion to meet Locky and a handful of the Bachelorettes to not only give them a reading but to also delve into their compatibility with Locky as a couple.

“Locky is like a big teddy bear,” she said, laughing, “he’s quite a lovely man and such an adventurer, he’s a real knight in shining armour type of guy so I really liked Locky.

“The girls were very interesting, they had diverse personalities but all had something very special about them. A couple were ‘shining out’ if you like, which is interesting.”

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Will Alison see a future for Locky and one of the bachelorettes?

When asked to explain what she meant by ‘shining out’, Alison said, “Their energy was very strong”.

“For what I went in there for, which was obviously to see how they were going to pair up with Locky, a couple in particular I felt were strong contenders.”

Though she began with a group reading, Alison also used numerology, using the birthdates of Locky and the Bachelorettes to delve into their compatibility.

“To delve into somebody’s relationship I use different tools, but one of the greatest tools I have is numerology,” Alison said.

“As soon as I put someone’s birthdate down on paper I also get intuition about their soul… By using the birthdates and also comparing the challenges and the strength of the relationship we can get a pretty good picture on how someone’s going to go in a relationship long-term.”

Though she was clear to say that “Nobody’s 100 percent accurate, nor can we be,” Alison also said there have been times when she’s been able to pinpoint the name, appearance or star sign of a person’s soulmate.

“My belief, not everyone believes this, is that we do have certain people set in our life to meet during our lifetime,” she said.

But Alison’s work isn’t just about predicting who you’ll end up with for the rest of your life.

“Having a reading isn’t just about being reassured about the future,” she said. “It’s also making positive changes to your life in order to gain a bit more control over what’s happening in your life as well.

“It can seem like it at times but believe it or not we do have a big say in our destiny.”

Find out what else Alison uncovers on The Bachelor Australia tonight at 7.30 on 10 and 10 play.