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Skye-Blue & Jake

Skye-Blue & Jake

Siblings, VIC

Skye-Blue and Jake aren’t just siblings, they’re also friends and experienced travel buddies. While they get along most of the time, they’ve been known to have a squabble or two when Skye-Blue gets hangry.

At a towering 6’5”, Jake believes his height will be an asset to them on the race. Skye-Blue was born without a left hand, but doesn’t let that hold her back! After a lifetime of people underestimating her, Skye-Blue has kept her determination to prove she can do absolutely anything she wants.

Together, they hope to prove that they can do anything that’s thrown their way, and to inspire people to never give up!

Get to know Team Siblings

What was the biggest challenge you have faced in your life?

Skye-Blue: I guess being told ‘no’ and that I ‘can’t’ more times in my life than not, because of my arm. People take one look and make their mind up on the spot. I have heard the word ‘no’ more times than I have ‘yes’ and that’s okay. Keep bringing on the ‘no’s’ because to me that just means ‘not yet’. Knock me down; I’ll keep getting up. Put a speed bump in my way and I’ll just find a way to get over or around it. I am a very stubborn, determined, and driven individual and I owe that to the way I was bought up and the outlook I have on life.

What do you think will be your biggest advantage or strength in the Race?

Jake: Being 6’5” will definitely help more than it will hinder. Additionally, my adventure-seeking attitude and willingness to give everything a go.