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Sefa & Jessica

Sefa & Jessica

Besties, NSW

Keep your friends close, and your frenemies closer! Sefa and Jessica have been riling each other up for the past 10 years and are ready to take their unfiltered friendship on tour.

Determined to win, and mow down anyone in their way, Sefa and Jessica love trash-talk, sarcasm and getting on each other’s nerves.

Both are from a Polynesian background and would use the prize money to help support their tight-knit families.

Get to know Team Besties

Why do you want to be on The Amazing Race Australia? What do you hope to accomplish?

Sefa: It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and it’s something you just don’t say ‘no’ to. I hope to see where my limit is, and what a better way to test that out.

What’s the best/ worst part of travelling with your teammate?

Jessica: Worst part about travelling with my teammate is needing to share space, and having no personal space. Best part of travelling with my teammate is that we are down to make the most of the experience or trip