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Jude & Shannon

Jude & Shannon

Mums, QLD

Jude and Shannon are best friends who met through their kids, nearly 20 years ago. As devoted mums, running the Race means they’ll finally be able to do something for themselves - with no husband or kids to wrangle!

For these outgoing mums, their social game will be their strength. Their warmth and banter are enough to win anyone over.

Ultra-competitive, loud, and secret comedians, Jude and Shannon feel they’re often underestimated, but are ready to make their kids proud!

Get to know Team Mums

What’s the best/ worst part of travelling with your teammate?

Jude: Best part is that there are zero boundaries between us so we are 100% ourselves. We call it as we see it and are constantly laughing (note to self… we need to practice our pelvic floor exercises!). Worst is waking up early, because Shannon rises with the sun.

What would you do with the prize money?

Shannon: We would combine our families and go for a fabulous night out. Some to the kids to help with uni debt and the boring mortgage.