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Jobelle & Rani

Jobelle & Rani

Daughter & Dad, VIC

Father-daughter team Jobelle and Rani can take the heat in the kitchen of their family’s food truck, but will they swelter on the race of a lifetime? Originally from the Philippines, Rani and Jobelle moved to Australia 13 years ago in search of a brighter future.

As a child in the Philippines, Jobelle promised herself that she would one day go on The Amazing Race with her dad. Now, her childhood dream has become a reality, as she prepares to travel the unknown with her hard-working, jokecracking dad by her side. Rani runs a Filipino food truck with his family, specialising in street food, just like their grandma used to make.

Known for spontaneously bursting into song, this dynamic duo would use the prize money for helping others, as well as setting up their futures.

Get to know Team Daughter & Dad

Why do you want to be on The Amazing Race Australia?

Jobelle: I was a kid in the Philippines when I started watching The Amazing Race. I clearly remember saying these words: “when I grow up, I am going on that show with my dad. When they announced that The Amazing Race was coming back to Australia, I looked down at a giant belly baking a baby and I couldn’t even see my toes. So, I thought I would wait. When the opportunity to apply for season two came up, we went for it and I am so thrilled to be here. I still can’t believe this is real.

Do you have any travel horror stories?

Rani: I used to work on a cruise liner. There was a fuel spill in the engine room, so we tried to contain it and not create panic in the ship. It was like in the movies: the guests were partying the night away and down a few levels below, in the engine room we were trying to save all their lives and not let the ship sink