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‘We Never Gave Up’: Skye-Blue And Jake Vow To Never Hula Hoop Again After Being Eliminated From The Amazing Race

As the end of the race draws near, each elimination becomes more emotional as teams fight for their spot in the finale.

Skye-Blue and Jake Henderson began the 20th leg in a comfortable position, but after making one wrong turn the siblings found themselves at the back of the pack, scrambling to get ahead of any other teams.

Unfortunately, even with most of their core alliance still in the race, the pair couldn’t avoid elimination. After Beau broke the news to them at the pit stop, the siblings became overwhelmed with emotion, speaking about how proud each was of the other and celebrating their time together in the race.

“It’s definitely a rare commodity,” Skye-Blue told 10 play, “I guess people see siblings and think they just fight, they don’t like each other… yeah Jake’s my older brother but, over the past few years, he’s also become one of my best friends.”

Jake agreed, adding, “When we were younger we weren’t exactly best friends. We travelled a bit of Europe together in 2019 and that solidified that we can tolerate each other for long periods of time, which made it a lot easier to apply for the Race. We knew we’d be fine in that regard.”

“We also knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses,” Skye said. “A lot of other teams, if you do it with your friend or partner there’s still a lot to learn. I feel like we knew each other pretty darn well, so we knew when not to push each other’s buttons.”

What surprised Skye and Jake was that their time on the race actually made them even closer, putting them in several situations they wouldn’t have otherwise found themselves in -- like a nude dash in the freezing Tassie waters for example.

“It wouldn’t be on my daily to-do list,” Skye said, laughing.

While the race was difficult, the pair said it wasn’t the physical demands they found tough but the mental.

“If you don’t have the capacity to pull yourself together in stressful situations and have the capability to let things go once things happen, you will literally crumble,” Skye said.

When they checked into what would be their final pit stop of the race, an emotional Skye told Beau she was “in it to win it” and, breaking down in tears, explained how important it was for her to prove that “no matter what, you can do anything”.

Since the show began airing, Skye said she’s been blown away by the positive response from fans.

“I get hundreds of messages from people saying I’ve given them the strength to believe in themselves to do things, and that they aspire to be like me,” she said. “That’s what I went out to do, and I’m glad that I’ve achieved that.”

With the “mind-blowingly positive” response, Skye said she hoped to go into public and motivational speaking to continue to inspire people and “help people believe in themselves, and realise that they are capable of absolutely anything”.

While the pair have loved watching the show back and seeing the experiences of the other teams play out, both said they have been dreading the arrival of their final episode.

“We definitely thought we could get to the end,” Jake said, “but I think the pressures of the race had started to kick in. Not just for us, but I think for all the teams.

“Doing 20 legs is a long time to be away from home and I think all the teams were starting to feel that pressure mentally.”

Skye agreed, adding, “At the end of the day… dancing is just not our stong suit.”

Managing to catch up to the other four teams, Skye and Jake could have been safe were it not for a task requiring teams to perform a hula hoop routine.

“If I ever have to see a hula hoop again I’m just going to shatter it into a thousand pieces,” Jake said with a laugh.

As teams began to leave the hula challenge and make their way to the final Road Block of the leg, the siblings could feel their place in the competition slipping away, despite having a strong alliance with three of the remaining teams -- Jaskirat and Anurag, Ashleigh and Amanda, and Brendon and Jackson.

“Every team that we were in the alliance with was still willing to help, but not to the point where it was going to affect their game,” Jake said.

“We never gave up, that’s for sure, and even when we got to the mat we were still hopeful that [Beau] was going to say it wasn’t over. When he finally did… it hit us like a ton of bricks.”

Despite being heartbroken that they didn’t reach the finale, Jake and Skye looked back at their time on the race fondly -- even the dreaded oyster intersection. In an unforgettable moment, Jake and Skye were partnered with Ashleigh and Amanda as they laughed and retched their way through shucking and eating 100 oysters.

“That was the one challenge where we were doing our best but we were having fun while doing it,” Jake said. “If you can do that during the race, that’s something really special.”

“That’s something we carried throughout the whole race,” Skye added. “Those that we were in an alliance with, although we were competing against them, we still managed to smile, laugh, and have fun along the way. I think that’s something that really stuck with me as well.”

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