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‘We Have Been Very Lucky!’: The Secret Ingredient To Winning The Race

This week we saw just how quickly the race can flip on its head and sometimes all it takes is a little bit of luck, good or bad, to win or lose it all.

While the challenges keep getting harder, longer and grosser, the teams have realised that no spot is certain.

Almost every team has started off in first place, only to be hit with a generous piece of humble pie when they fall lower in the ranks.

This week, the poor Cowboys were served one of the biggest downfalls we’ve ever seen when they returned from a day of leisure after winning the First Class Pass last week.

They were first to arrive at the Wrest Point Hotel in leg 16, where they had to build a five-level house of cards, something we’ve all done from time to time.

But as any card player knows, this isn’t an easy feat. Breathe too heavy, touch the cards too much or place one slightly incorrect and poof, they’ll all come falling down.

“Who created this sick, twisted game?” the Cowboys said. “We were the last team, we just wanted it to be done with. We had a roller coaster ride; we’ve been up the top and down the bottom. So it just goes to show you, just one challenge can throw you back to the end.”

The bad luck continued to follow them to the next leg of the race where, despite starting in second place at the ball bounce challenge, they ended up choosing the wrong detour which meant they were left at the bottom with Chris and Aleisha for the intersection.

“We are fuming! We’re with Chris and Aleisha, two vegans who won’t eat oysters,” the Cowboys said. Knowing how tough it would be for the boys to shuck and eat 100 oysters on their own, Chris and Aleisha had an idea.

“We are coming last anyways, so even if we don’t do this challenge and we take the penalty, what’s the difference? I’d rather take a penalty than handle oysters and prepare oysters for someone else,” Chris and Aleisha said.

But the boys weren’t keen on a time penalty because they felt like it was giving up. “I don’t want a penalty; I want to eat them all. I don’t like quitting and I want to do it. There’s no such thing as can’t,” the Cowboys said.

After eating over 30 oysters and feeling very sick, the Cowboys decided to suck it up and take the time penalty instead of finishing the intersection which TBH, was a very wise choice.

Luckily for them, at the end they were given a saving grace. Sticking to the alliance, Amanda and Ashleigh, who came first in leg 17, chose to give the Salvage to the Cowboys and the Sabotage to Chris and Aleisha and we can’t wait to find out what that entails next week.

But while all of this bad luck was following the Cowboys, Skye-Blue and Jake seemed to see the nicer side of luck.

They smashed through the card house challenge, successfully completed a very naked Fast Forward challenge and went straight to the Pit Stop without having to complete any other challenges in leg 16.

Then, at the beginning of leg 17, despite getting very lost and arriving at the ball drop challenge in last place, Jake dropped the ball and got it in the net on his first try. WTF!?!

“We have been very lucky when it comes to challenges like this, and this one was more important than ever because we had fallen so far behind. We got to the dam last, and we got it on our first attempt,” Jake said.

The good luck kept on coming when they attended the crunch detour, where they had to find one apple out of 100 with a dyed black cork. And yep, they found it almost immediately, while other teams took ages, with MJ and Chelsea eventually giving up and changing detours.

So moral of the story: it doesn’t matter how strong, competitive or tough the teams are. Maybe, the only thing they need is to have lady luck on their side to take out the prize.

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