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'We Had To Earn Our Spot Again': Kimberley Cousins Dwes And Katherine Eliminated From The Amazing Race

On Sunday night, Kimberley Cousins Dwes and Katherine were once again the last team to check-in at the Pit Stop, ending their time in the race.

This wasn't the first time the deadly cousins had to farewell the race, having been eliminated in the very first leg. But when twin brothers Jack and Alex made the decision to leave, Beau brought back Dwes Wiggan-Dann and Katherine Dann for a second chance.

"I actually found that we were under way more pressure," Katherine told 10 play, "coming back into that third leg I just remember thinking I don't want to get eliminated again.

"There was that pressure of us needing to perform well and making it through elimination," she said, adding, "We had to earn our spot again and prove to everyone we deserved that second chance. [There was] definitely a lot of pressure."

Favourites in the race, Katherine revealed that she originally didn't even agree to apply for the show.

"Dwes was actually the one who put the application in and didn't tell me about it until we got to the next round," she said, laughing.

"He called me up begging like, 'Can you please just give this a go?' I finally gave in and he told me, 'that's good because we're going through to the next round.'"

Dwes, meanwhile, had wanted to apply to "shine a light on regional and remote Australia and give them a voice", and said there was no one he wanted to race with other than Katherine.

"She's an athlete! I wanted to do it with someone that I'm close to, Katherine's my cousin and we always have fun together, so I couldn't pick a better person," he explained.

"When I was writing up the application I just put her down and wished for the best and hoped she would agree!"

As an AFLW player, Katherine said she was ready for the physical challenges the race would throw her way, but hadn't considered the mental stamina required to power through the legs. The pair also found the race put pressure on their relationship at times.

"Kath and I are quite close," Dwes said, "however it was a different dynamic... we're challenging each other every minute of the day, we just wanted to do our best and we managed the best that we could.

"Obviously you saw that breakdown in Darwin," he added with a laugh, "it was quite tough but overall we managed and we moved on and that's all we could do really."

Looking back, Katherine said the race brought her a new level of respect for her cousin.

"Seeing [Dwes] just go on to smash out those challenges... I'm so proud and just really appreciate having him by my side for that whole journey."

After returning to the race, Dwes and Katherine managed to climb their way from the back of the pack and even came second in the seventh leg. During the tenth leg, as teams raced across Coober Pedy, Dwes and Katherine were holding their own right up until they became bogged down at the Opal Fields Golf Club.

One member of each team had to hit a golf ball towards a green where their teammate was waiting to catch the ball.

"That challenge was just hectic," Katherine said. "The wind! I don't think the actual show did it justice. The wind was out of control."

Dwes agreed, adding, "The balls had no weight on them anyway, it was like a ping pong ball. They were just flying everywhere."

With just Dwes and Katherine and Holly and Dolor battling it out as the last two teams at the task, the pair had to race as hard as they could in the hopes that they could avoid elimination but sadly their time in the race came to an end once again.

While they weren't able to make it all the way to the final leg, Dwes said the response to their time in the race has been overwhelming.

"The amount of support that we received, my god it's just been awesome from people across the country. In cities, regional and remote Australia as well. It has just been awesome," he said.

"Just seeing the deadly army come alive and all these people with their deadly shirts on sharing it with us on our page," Dwes continued, "even people drawing pictures of us and songs that they're singing. I didn't realise how this would impact us but it's just so overwhelmingly supportive.

"We came into this race, not for the money, it was more around how we can promote a positive message to young people living in regional and remote Australia, and I feel like we definitely achieved that and, looking at how we can positively influence a message of strength, resilience and hope which is what we really wanted to achieve and I think we've done that."

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