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‘We Had No Idea We Were Stowaways’: Bodybuilders Stan And Wayne Join The Amazing Race

The second team of Stowaways muscles their way into the competition.

On Sunday night, the teams will get a second shock when bodybuilders Stan and Wayne enter as the second team of Stowaways.

“We usually compete every year and there were no shows on,” Stan told 10 play, “so I thought how else can I challenge my body and my mind? I’ll take on The Amazing Race.”

Stan met Wayne through bodybuilding, helping him prep for competitions and coaching him. When a manager's position opened up at one of Stan’s supplement stores, Wayne “jumped on it”. The pair have known each other for eight years and hoped competing in the race would show people a different side to bodybuilders.

“We train harder but we’re all just about laughs and having fun,” Stan said. Holding a Mr Australia and Mr South Australia title, Stan said he has been bodybuilding for about 20 years.

“When I was a kid I got bullied in primary school and had my head cracked in,” he said, “and it just set me off to defend myself.”

Though the boys are competition-ready, Stan admitted their imposing size was actually a detriment in the race.

“I knew we didn’t have functional muscles so I was really worried, they all cramp up and they’re good for nothing,” he said.

“I started running, which I haven’t done in years, and that was when it really kicked in - when I could only do a lap of the street. I finally got up to doing a whole kilometer before the race, but it was definitely an awakening on fitness and endurance… endurance isn’t my jam,” he said, laughing.

While the bodybuilders look intimidating, Stan said he and Wayne were the ones thrown into the deep end, joining the race in its tenth leg.

“We thought we were at the front [of the race] because, at the hotel, there was no one else around we could see or suss out. We thought we were the first to get there and they wanted to make us the starting run.

“We had no idea we were Stowaways.”

Finding out on the day they officially joined the race, Stan said it was quite overwhelming to go from thinking they were starting with the other teams, to then finding out they’d be taking a time penalty on their first day. Like MJ and Chelsea, the first team of Stowaways who joined the race in the seventh leg, the boys start their leg five minutes after the other teams have departed.

“You’re inexperienced, everyone else has a one-up against you and you’re starting from the back of the pack with a five-minute delay from the last team. It was stressful and concerning! Are we going to get booted out on the first run? Our first leg?”

Because the bodybuilders didn’t know they were starting the race midway through, watching the show they’ve been able to see what the other teams got up to in the early legs.

“It’s been really interesting, and a relief, because you see so many teams get lost or not get past challenges,” Stan said. “I thought we were real dopes… but seeing all the other teams going from the top to the bottom, [facing] the same challenges and obstacles as us, it gave me a lot of relief.

“We’re not just the bodybuilding dopes! It happened to everyone!”

See Stan and Wayne enter the race when The Amazing Race returns Sunday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 play