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'We Had More To Give': Jordan And Violeta's Heartbreaking Exit From The Race

The dancing exes had their best leg of the race this week, immediately followed by their worst.

On Monday night, Violeta Brau Mugica and Jordan Saisi celebrated as they checked-in at the Pit Stop in second place. Thrilled with their progress, the pro dancers couldn't wait to tackle the twelfth leg of the race.

After making a great start, Jordan and Violeta fell to the back of the pack when a mix-up with an intersection saw them overtaken.

"It was like we finally found our rhythm and we finally found what was working and not working for us in the race," Jordan told 10 play.

"We were starting to get the results that we thought we were capable of and then it all just came to a very sudden halt. That was what was really difficult about it," he continued. "We really felt like we had more to give, that was the hardest thing. We still feel that."

During the intersection, teams had to work in groups to create new moorings for research boats. The first boat of four teams, which included Jordan and Violeta, misunderstood the instructions initially, meaning the four teams on the second boat had time to catch up, correctly finish the intersection and leave ahead of the first boat.

"As soon as we got back on the boat we realised we were the last team," Violeta said.

"In my mind, I was already thinking that we would be eliminated."

Jordan described the ride back as "a really dull, grey moment" where they knew they would be leaving the same time as Jake and Skye-Blue, their close allies in the race.

"We had to just force ourselves to think that we could fight this out, that we could still come back," Jordan said. "We had been last many times, it was the first time in all the legs where I truly felt like there was a great chance we were going home."

Jordan and Violeta both agreed that, at this point in the race, any of the teams remaining could take out the top prize.

"We weren't able to rely as much on just being physically stronger than a team to be able to beat them to a Pit Stop," Jordan added. "There wasn't as much playing to our advantage anymore that we didn't share with the other teams that were still in the race."

Violeta added, "We were at a point in the race where every team in the race could win it."

What surprised many fans of the show was just how well the pair worked together despite being billed as exes. Having dated in high school, the duo broke up years ago but remained friends and also became dance partners.

The pair believe that their history together made them stronger than some teams in their communication and ability to work together.

"It took a lot of work," Jordan said, "and the work that we put into our friendship after breaking up is the reason why we were able to communicate so well and so effectively."

Violeta added, "I think the fact that we are exes meant that we had to work extra hard for our friendship and for our communication.

"It's not like we just became friends and that's it. No, we became friends, started dating, broke up and continued being friends. That's a lot of communication, a lot of respect, and a lot of friendship that you have to have with someone."

That dynamic on top of their competitive ballroom dance careers saw the pair keen to tackle any challenges the race threw their way.

"In dancing, we train and we push ourselves past mental barriers," Violeta said. "When you're a dancer you realise how much arguments, disagreements and bickering really hold you back in your mindset and performances. It completely holds you back, it's a total waste of time.

"We're so used to being under pressure with each other and we're so used to being in situations that are competitive where we have no choice but to respect each other and have patience with each other."

Watching the show back the pair have been able to relive their experience as well as finally being able to see more of what the other teams went through during their time in the race.

"When you're in the race, we're so obsessed and involved in our own journey that you don't think about other teams," Jordan said. "There are 14 other teams having their own incredible experiences so, watching back it's been really nice to see that and experience that."

Violeta agreed, adding, "The overall journey has just been incredible. Doing it and then watching it has been awesome."

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