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‘We Could Lead This Team To Victory’: All The Wins, Fails And Twists Of Week 3

From Darwin to Alice Springs, and a small town named Humpty Doo in between, this may have been the most challenging week yet.

Swimming in crocodile infested waters, knife throwing, crash landing in a hot air balloon, carrying LIVE crocs, catching barramundi and bathing camels… these are just a few things the teams had to undergo. And while it was entertaining to watch, we couldn’t help but admire their bravery for doing so many things we couldn’t.

For example, loveable besties Sefa and Jess bid Australia a sad farewell in episode 7, but not before literally wrangling another of Jess’ worst fears.

“I got to overcome my fear of reptiles and swimming. We’re going home in this leg and I have no regrets,” Jess said in her exit interview.

But it isn’t always sad goodbyes, at least not when Beau has surprise plans of his own.

Footy Mates MJ and Chelsea came in as the first stowaway team and despite all the other teams having a five-minute head start in leg seven, they knocked out first place in leg eight earning a first-class pass and a day off to relax while the other teams completed the next leg.

Dwes & Katherine received the Salvage, with even the footy girls noticing how tough their day was, and the selfless Super Sikhs got the Sabotage.

The Salvage granted Dwes and Katherine a personal driver for the entirety of leg eight. Their Tesla car was ready and waiting for them at the airport in Alice Springs, and it was packed with brownies, sweet treats and beverages.

Meanwhile, the Sabotage had the Super Sikhs lugging around two giant stuffed kangaroos which could get sweaty and annoying, but it was nothing they couldn’t handle.

“We got to the airport and first thing we see are two large kangaroos sitting there saying Sabotage. We’re going to have to take these little babies everywhere... which means we can only use one hand for every challenge,” The Super Sikhs said.

But the furry friends may have proven to be just as much of a benefit as it was a disadvantage, especially for support on the turbulent hot air balloon ride. Jaskirat cuddled with the kangaroo while the high winds made completing the challenge impossible.

“The higher they are, the harder they fall,” Beau said. “And well, well, well, haven’t they fallen. Both balloons have been dramatically blown off-course so suddenly. The rules have changed. We now have a forced intersection.”

Instead, they were split into two teams and had to work together to be the first to pack away the balloon.

“My dad’s a hot air balloon pilot and I’ve grown up around hot air balloons my entire life so I’m so excited to do a challenge that’s close to my heart and I’m so comfortable with as well,” Violeta said. “So, we knew we could lead this team to victory!”

With the teams boarding the Ghan their journey isn't over... and it looks like Beau has a few more surprises up his sleeve!

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