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‘We Can’t Catch A Break’: Emotions Run High As Alliances Strengthen And Messages From Home Arrive

With the finish line inching closer, strategies are beginning to emerge.

On Monday night, and during the 14th leg of the race, we were formally introduced to the “originals” alliance made up of Ashleigh and Amanda, Brendon and Jackson, Jaskirat and Anurag, and Skye-Blue and Jake.

Four very strong teams, the originals alliance have begun to make it clear that they want to be the final four teams in the race, but there are four teams still fighting to make sure that doesn’t happen.

While we’ve seen teams helping each other out at points throughout the race, it has become more and more clear that the originals are helping each other out where they can, to get as much of an advantage over some of the other teams.

After completing the roadblock in good time, before heading to the next task Amanda made the decision to help Skye-Blue.

The Amazing Race Australia 2021 Skye-Blue Amanda alliance

“It’s a massive gift and it’s not something that Amanda would do for anyone,” Skye admitted as a few of the other teams watched the alliance at work.

One team who seem particularly upset by the alliance is Chris and Aleisha who, despite having a particularly good run for several legs, have hit a few snags and were given their second Sabotage of the race. 

“The first teams have so much hustle, and they’re all working together and helping each other, and we just can’t catch a break,” Aleisha told Beau after they checked in.

Arriving at the pit stop in second-last position, Chris and Aleisha were certain they knew how Brendon and Jackson were going to hand out the Salvage and Sabotage.

“The boys have made it pretty clear that they don’t help us,” Aleisha said. “They help other teams any way and every way that they can and they never help us out.”

Chris and Aleisha originals alliance sabotage

“Even though we knew it was coming, it still hurts a lot when you hear those words and when they say ‘no hard feelings’ it’s like… ugh,” she added. 

Though they were feeling like the outsiders, earlier in the leg Chris and Aleisha made the decision to switch detour tasks rather than work with Holly and Dolor -- another team not part of the originals alliance.

Alliances weren’t the only surprise on the leg for the teams, as one of their clues was delivered by some very familiar faces: their own families. 

Having no contact with their families and loved ones while on the race, the teams were all emotional as they were urged to get to the pit stop from those waiting for them at home. 

“The reason why we’re on this race is because we’re doing it for our family… for our little boys,” Jackson said after he and Brendon received messages from their partners and baby boys, fighting back tears and fighting through a downpour the cowboys scored their second first-place check-in of the race.

With so many ups and downs in the leg, and eight teams still battling for the top prize of $250,000, we can’t wait to see what else is in store.

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