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‘We Believe In You Dude’: Anurag And Jaskirat’s Selfless Act Ends In Sabotage

The Super Sikhs prove once again that nice guys don’t always finish last, but their big hearts couldn’t save them from a Sabotage.

During the eighth leg of the race, teams faced a Detour where they could either attempt to eat an entire steamed fish using only chopsticks or learn and perform a traditional Chinese lion dance. Every team except Skye-Blue and Jake picked the dance, with the siblings off to tackle a three-kilo fish for lunch.

While many of the teams had to attempt the lion dance several times, Anurag and Jaskirat were stuck on the task, attempting their performance seven times. Despite winning the seventh leg, the best mates fell to second-last place behind cousins Dwes and Katherine in the first Detour of the eighth leg.

Early in the task, Dwes and Katherine struggled with the pressure and, just before beginning their first attempt at the performance, Dwes turned to Katherine to confront her about her attitude. The cousins ended up not successful on their first attempt and separated to cool off after becoming increasingly frustrated with the task – and each other.

“Just like one comment literally just threw me,” Dwes said. “Some of the words that Katherine uses sometimes like, probably not the best for me, and I become closed off.”

After Anurag and Jaskirat finally figured out what was stopping them from successfully completing the performance the Super Sikhs scrambled to receive the next clue in the hopes of making up ground in the Roadblock ahead.

Before departing, the boys made sure to stop and give Dwes a push to get his head back in the race.

“We believe in you dude,” the boys told Dwes. “That last leg could have been yours. You came second by that much,” they added before ending the pep-talk with a big hug.

“As Sikhs, Anurag and I have been always brought up with a simple foundation that we never leave anyone behind,” Jaskirat explained.

Part of the reason the duo applied for the show was to use the platform to showcase who they are, and the values that were instilled in them from an early age.

“Being a Sikh is core to my identity,” Jaskirat said in an interview before the race began. “Many people will look at my teammate and I as Sikhs who are on The Amazing Race. I see us as Australians on The Amazing Race who happen to be Sikh.

“Religion for me sets the foundation for my values I live by every day, but it does by no mean confine me in a path different to any other Australian.”

Later, in their filmed interviews together, Jas added that part of the values Sikhism has taught him over time is “all about equality”.

“It’s about pushing yourself and achieving whatever you want to achieve.”

After the pep-talk from the boys, Dwes and Katherine gave the lion dance another shot and soon were back on the road, but struggled with the following Road Block and decided to take a time penalty instead of re-attempting it.

When they reached the Pit Stop, Dwes and Katherine were forced to watch as the remaining teams made their way to the check-in. With just minutes remaining on their time penalty, Dwes and Katherine stood at the mat watching as Jaskirat and Anurag checked-in.

Thankfully for both teams, it was a non-elimination round, but Stowaways MJ and Chelsea were standing by to hand out a sabotage and a salvage.

Knowing that Anurag and Jaskirat had won the last leg (and unaware they had won two other legs earlier in the race), MJ and Chelsea decided to give the Sabotage to the team they viewed as the biggest threat in the race, handing the Salvage to Dwes and Katherine.

“We knew we had a massive target on our backs,” Jaskirat said, adding, “we’re hoping this target shifts.”

Will the boys be able to overcome the Sabotage that awaits them in the next leg?

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