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The Amazing Race 2021: Report Cards For The Top 8 Teams

With eight teams still in the race, we thought we’d take a look at how they’ve performed in the race so far.

Half of the 16 teams remain at this stage in the race, with two stowaway teams in the mix the other six teams have been racing since day one. But who will be the team to take out the top spot and the $250,000 prize? It’s anybody’s game.

We’ve put together a rundown of how the remaining teams have done in the race so far.

Ashleigh & Amanda

The Gold Coast Girls have stuck to the front of the pack for a majority of the race. After stumbling with the Detour in Leg 12, Ashleigh and Amanda felt the icy cold sting of last place taunting them, but their perseverance and ability to crush most of the challenges thrown their way saw them as the first team to check-in once again.

Legs won: 3Lowest position: 8 out of 14 (Leg 1)Strengths: Teamwork, charm.Weaknesses: Throwing giant fish, laksa.

Jaskirat & Anurag

Similarly, the Super Sikhs have three wins under their belts. A strong team from the get-go, the boys proved they were ones to watch when they checked-in first in both the first and second legs of the race. But they’ve maintained pretty healthy positions throughout the race, and despite receiving a Sabotage in Leg 8, even stuffed kangaroos couldn’t slow Jaskirat and Anurag down as they kept powering on.

Legs won: 3Lowest position: 8 out of 9 (Leg 8)Strengths: Puzzles, running, kindness.Weaknesses: Stuffed kangaroos.

MJ & Chelsea

The first of the stowaway teams, MJ and Chelsea exploded onto the race and showed that they weren’t kidding around. The pair have consistently stayed in the front half of the pack and despite only coming into the race in the seventh leg, already have two wins under their belts. The only reason the AFLW superstars haven’t won more is probably because they keep scoring themselves First Class Passes.

Legs won: 2Lowest position: 5 out of 10 (Leg 10)Strengths: Winning legs that get them a First Class Pass and a day off.Weaknesses: That one challenge where you had to reflect a laser onto a glass ball and basically nothing else.

Chris & Aleisha

Never underestimate the power of a Geek and a Princess. Aleisha and Chris have been quietly smashing the race despite a few emotional moments during Week 4. The pair have been close to the front of the race through multiple legs, but finally secured their first win in leg 10. Unfortunately, Chris and Aleisha lost their lead in the following leg after getting a little lost in the streets of Adelaide. Despite falling to last place and receiving a time penalty in leg 11, receiving a Sabotage and not being able to ask for directions in leg 12, the pair still managed to check-in at the pit-stop ahead of other teams, keeping them in the race.

Legs won: 1Lowest position: 8 out of 9 (Leg 11)Strengths: Being adorable.Weaknesses: Finding stadiums.

Skye-Blue & Jake

Let’s be honest about one thing, Skye-Blue and Jake are the nicest siblings maybe ever? The pair are constantly talking each other up, supporting each other and seem to never let the pressures of the race get to them. They’ve had a few ups and downs throughout the race but managed to score a win and narrowly avoided elimination in the twelfth leg. The dynamic duo has also managed to secure themselves a few alliances which could be the key to getting all the way to the finish line.

Legs won: 1Lowest position: 7 out of 8 (Leg 12)Strengths: Charisma, eating challenges.Weaknesses: Barramundi-to-crotch related injuries.

Brendon & Jackson

The Cowboys are another team who are pretty strong in most of the challenges they face. Though they’ve flirted with the bottom of the pack, Brendon and Jackson have mostly stayed in the middle or front of the race so far, thankfully dodging elimination in leg 11 where they received a Salvage from MJ and Chelsea. The boys are hilarious, and, honestly, if their race was just made up of German slap dancing from here on out we’d be totally fine with that.

Legs won: 1Lowest position: 9 out of 9 (Leg 11, non-elimination leg)Strengths: German slap dancingWeaknesses: Sausages.

Holly & Dolor

The power couple has danced their way through the race so far, figuratively and literally. Though they may have had a spot of bickering here and there and there and there, Holly and Dolor are without a doubt one of the most entertaining teams in the race. Despite serving up laughs, and some sweet, sweet moves, Holly and Dolor haven’t had the smoothest run in the race, and have hung at the back of the pack for several legs, but things could be turning around for them after they’ve lurched to the front of the race in the last few legs.

Legs won: 0Lowest position: 8 out of 8 (Leg 9, non-elimination leg)Strengths: Dancing, confidence.Weaknesses: Agreeing with each other, sharing taxis.

Stan & Wayne

The newest arrivals to the race and our second team of stowaways, bodybuilders Stan and Wayne definitely have the muscle to crush the competition, but when it comes to racing we’re still waiting to see if these boys have what it takes to reach the end. Having only competed in three legs so far, Stan and Wayne have flexed their abilities to smash an eating challenge but have also struggled with one of the race’s key components: not getting lost.

Legs won: 0Lowest position: 7 out of 9 (Leg 11)Strengths: Biceps, protein.Weaknesses: Maps.

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