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‘Sometimes You Need To Follow Your Brain’: Anurag and Jaskirat Reveal The True Intention Behind Their U-Turn

On Sunday night’s explosive episode of The Amazing Race Australia, the remaining six teams were faced with the second U-Turn of the season.

Now that it’s getting down to the pointy end of the race, it gave one team the opportunity to make a massive power play, to potentially eliminate another team by forcing them complete both Detours before advancing to the Pit Stop.

The team who arrived at the U-Turn board first was the Super Sikhs, Anurag and Jaskirat, giving them complete control over another team’s fate.

“We immediately thought this is going to be a tough decision, because Anurag and I, we don’t like to sabotage, or we don’t like to ruin anybody else’s race,” Jaskirat told 10 play.

“For us, seeing the U-Turn board and getting a compulsory U-Turn, all of a sudden we had to basically hinder another team and that was a tough moral decision for us.”

Jaskirat and Anurag said strategy was at the forefront of their mind when deciding who to U-Turn, with the intent to eliminate who they believed was their strongest threat.

“MJ and Chelsea are both amazing girls, but they were possibly one of the strongest teams still in the race out of the top six, so it just strategically made a lot of sense that if we had to pick someone, it was going to be them,” Jaskirat said.

“We had to make sure that whichever team we U-Turned, that team goes home. We knew MJ and Chelsea weren’t right behind us, they were probably in the mid-pack at that point in time and we decided the chances of them being U-Turned dramatically increases the chances of them going home and if that happens, that’s a win, win. A. they get eliminated and B. we haven’t made any more enemies on the race,” Anurag said.

While strategy was a main factor, they also saw it as an opportunity to get revenge on MJ and Chelsea for Sabotaging them in an earlier leg.

“I remember precisely in Leg 8, we finished second last and we were sabotaged by MJ and Chelsea. We took it on the chin, but we knew there would be a time down the track when we would get to return the favour,” Anurag said.

While the boys knew they wanted to U-Turn MJ and Chelsea, the rest of the Originals Alliance were keen on U-Turning another team.

“The Originals Alliance wanted Chris and Aleisha gone. But for us, they weren’t the biggest threat. We weren’t just going to think emotionally, we wanted to think with brains and try to be smart about it, not just make an impulse decision by picking Chris and Aleisha,” Anurag explained to 10 play.

“Sometimes you need to follow your brain, not your heart. Our heart would say Chris and Aleisha, because in some of the episodes, we could see them playing their own game, not really helping us. Which is okay, I mean each to their own. But our brains said eliminate the strongest team, MJ and Chelsea.”

The Super Sikhs’ plan to U-Turn a team who would then ultimately be eliminated at the end came to fruition, with MJ and Chelsea arriving last at the mat.

“A part of me was gutted to see these two girls go because in the previous leg, we did work with them at the oyster challenge, and we worked quite well together. But at the same time, it’s a race, there can only be one winner and to be honest, because of the U-Turn we’ve just eliminated one of the strongest teams that were going to take the position away from us,” Jas said.

“MJ and Chelsea are very strong, they’re competitive and they’re professional athletes, so we think they would have won this if we hadn’t U-Turned them,” Anurag revealed.

Anurag and Jaskirat have been somewhat labelled the ‘nice guys’ in the race because of all the times they stopped to help other teams. Initially, helping others was their strategy, but now that it’s getting towards the end, they’re ready to start taking it more seriously.

“Anurag and I, we always wanted to run the race and help everyone, that has always been our strategy from day in and day out. But underlying all of that, we had a competitive side,” Jaskirat said.

“People may think that the nice guy always finishes last,” Anurag said. “And they might think other teams thought we are pushovers because we are nice to everyone. But you know, we do have this side to us where, when it comes to the pointy end, we will do what we need to do to win.”

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