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Ripped Maps And Silly Sausages: Favourites Fall To The Back Of The Pack In Nightmare Leg

While South Australia locals Chelsea and MJ took full advantage of playing on their home turf, several other teams struggled in the eleventh leg.

Despite being team number one, things for Chris and Aleisha didn’t start great when they got lost on the way to the very first task. Struggling to locate the Adelaide Oval, the duo felt the pressure of keeping their lead.

And as more and more teams began to arrive at the Oval, Chris and Aleisha were nowhere to be found. Eventually, the couple had to pull over and ask for directions and when they finally arrived they had fallen from first to last place.

Already several couples had completed the first task and moved on to the Detour that followed, putting more and more distance between Chris and Aleisha and the front of the pack.

aleisha and chris amazing race australia 2021

Struggling with the task of finding a photo among the thousands of seats in the Adelaide Oval, Chris and Aleisha timed out and would have to take a time penalty when they checked in at the Pit Stop.

But the princess and the geek weren’t the only team to struggle with the leg, as the farmers Brendon and Jackson soon realised their eyes were bigger than their stomachs when they arrived at the Detour.

With the options of “slap” or “snag”, teams could choose to learn and perform a German slap dance or tackle a massive platter of German sausages, pretzels, and accoutrements. Picking the platter, Brendon and Jackson immediately regretted it halfway through their first mighty sausage.

The Amazing Race Australia farmers german sausage

Making the risky decision to ditch the sausages for a quick dance lesson, the farmers fell to the back of the pack.

Meanwhile, the race’s newest team, stowaways Stan and Wayne, struggled with directions once again. The pair, who have joked about their less-than-perfect map skills in the past, absolutely smashed the sausages, but on the way to the next task got completely turned around.

They also turned their map into some very sad-looking origami, which probably didn’t help.

stan wayne bodybuilders amazing race australia stowaways

With each team facing some serious delays and frustrations it was probably a blessing when they finally arrived at the Pit Stop to see that it was a non-elimination leg.

Having to serve out their time penalty, Wayne and Stan finally figured out a map is best read and not ripped, and they scraped through in third-last place.

“The German food took our blood down to our guts and these things didn’t work anymore,” Stan said, pointing to his brain after they had checked-in with Beau.

As the first team to check-in, MJ and Chelsea were tasked with handing out another Salvage and Sabotage to the last two teams.

For Chris and Aleisha it was just one more nightmare as they received the Sabotage.

“At the moment it feels like every other team is against us,” Aleisha said after they received the bad news.

With Brendon and Jackson receiving the Salvage for the next leg, the pair were just crossing their fingers that they wouldn’t be facing any more sausages.

That challenge really was the wurst.

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