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'Let’s Make An Ass Out Of Ourselves' Sefa And Jess’ Best One-Liners

If you’ve been watching The Amazing Race Australia, you definitely would have noticed Sefa and Jess – our favourite Polynesian besties, who leave a trail of laugher and trash-talk wherever they go.

We live for their quick-witted, hilarious commentary and, to commemorate their time on the race, we’ve gathered a few of their funniest one-liners. Keep reading, we promise Sefa and Jess don’t disappoint.

Out Of A Board Game

During the Bombs Away challenge in episode 1, Jess had to wear a leather jacket, to which Sefa accurately described her to look like “Nick Jonas in Jumanji”. They eventually both came to the conclusion that “Indiana Jones meets Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball” suited better. What do you think?

Ain’t Got No Shame

One thing we love about Sefa and Jess is their positive and confident nature. They have proven they aren’t a team to shy away from making a splash and jumping outside of their comfort zone. Before successfully completing a synchronised swimming routine, Sefa said “Let’s make an ass out of ourselves,” to which Jess sarcastically replied…

Trash-Talking At Its Finest

If somebody gets on their nerves, they aren’t afraid to throw some shade. When Dolor and Holly were complaining about being U-Turned, Jess gave them a piece of her mind.

"It was a really hard challenge because it was a hot day, there’s a lot to get done and he’s just wasting energy by talking smack and I'm like you know what, I need more motivation to do this, so I start trash-talking Doloris. I call him Doloris purposely just so he knows he’s being a girl. Holly wasn’t too happy about that, but I think she just looks at me and she’s scared so it’s all good.”

Falling Out

During the Who Likes Hanging Out Roadblock, Sefa had to hang upside down on a pole for as long as possible. Being one of the first ones to drop, Jess took the opportunity to poke some fun at him.

The Weeping Floatie

During the Treasure Hunt in episode 6, Sefa and Jess were met with a challenge: they had to swim out to the deep waters to collect a bottle from inside a chest. Jess can’t swim so luckily, they had an inflatable floatie to help.

“We had to jump on this inflatable lilo to make our way out. Two Polynesian people of this size on a lilo, I felt sorry for the lilo. I could hear it weeping ‘help me, help me, help me!’

We need more people like Sefa and Jess on our screens, and we’re so sad to see them go.

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