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'Karma’s A Bi***!' The Feuds, Betrayals And Heartbreaks From Week 2

Just when you think the race can’t get any crazier – think again, because the second week held even more hurdles, betrayals and walk outs than the last.

The teams set off to Palm Island, Magnetic Island and the Great Barrier Reef, and while they may look beautiful and serene, they held some not- so- pretty surprises, many of which pushed the teams to their breaking point.

In episode four, the teams were faced with their very first U-Turn. Shane and Deb were in first place, and they fearlessly decided to U-Turn power couple Holly and Dolor.

Holly and Dolor arrived fourth on the island, so they can afford to go back and complete the second Detour without falling too far behind. We did it so that they can still be in the race,” Deb said.

Their intentions were pure, however Holly and Dolor didn’t see it that way when they realised it was their heads on the chopping block.

“Usually you do a U-Turn to a team that’s threatening and they chose us. We’ve seen Shane and Deb’s true colours and now, they have a target on their heads,” Holly and Dolor said. “I don’t think they’re very smart to be honest, like a U-Turn is a very powerful tool and you want to get rid of the most threatening teams and we haven’t really proven at all that we are threatening. Knife in the back for sure.”

Holly and Dolor wanted to get ahead, and the Roadblock in episode five was the perfect way to do it. One member from each team was required to hang onto a pole, and the last person to drop would leave first to continue the race in the morning.

“I knew that I wanted to drop after Shane, him being there was fuelling me”, Holly said, and sure enough not too long passed before Shane gave in because of his knee, which he had 3 surgeries on in the past.

“Karma’s a bitch, you know what I’m saying. Look Shane going down, it is what it is, you reap what you sew. They wanted to get us out of the competition, it’s not our turn to get out yet,” Dolor said.

It was this challenge that led to one of the most heart-breaking moments, leaving every team (except Holly and Dolor) in tears the next morning.

“We all started waking up, I didn’t know what was going on until I stepped outside” the Cowboys said.

“We found out Shane tried to get up in the middle of the night and he just couldn’t. His knee was just too sore, too inflamed. Then Deb was trying to encourage him to get up, give it a try, and she had to go and get medical help,” Chris and Aleisha said.

Shane and Deb decided they couldn’t continue with the race, and everyone felt the pain of them leaving.

“We didn’t want them to leave this way. We wanted them to stay in the competition so we could beat them,’ Dolor said.

With Deb and Shane gone, Ashleigh and Amanda were able to climb to first place and received a First Class Pass.

The Gold Coast girls gave Jobelle and Rani the Salvage, which was a massive advantage, allowing them to have a tour guide on the next leg of the race. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to help them, and Jobelle and Rani were sent home.

On the other hand, Jordan and Violetta received the Sabotage - they had to wear snorkels for the entirety of the next leg and despite being wildly entertaining for us, it was a foggy pain for them. Luckily enough, they were allowed to remove the snorkels during the Rehabilitation Detour, which every team went to, except one.

Initially, the cowboys decided to give the Restoration Detour a go. They had to dive underwater in a scuba doo and count how many baby corals were attached to the plantation. For the first five minutes, Jackson was okay but then his fear of confined spaces kicked in and he felt a panic attack coming, so they swapped Detours. Jess and Sefa were next to give Restoration a try.

“It’s been my biggest fear my entire life. I always have dreams of falling into the deep waters with whales underneath my legs and no one saves me, and I feel like I’m living this dream,” Jess said.

Not only did she conquer her biggest fear, but she successfully counted all of the coral on her own.

“That’s the thing about Jess. There’s so many things that she’s scared of, but she goes for it. I faced away for a second and when I turn around, she’s holding a clue and she’s like, ‘get me out, get me out!’” Sefa said.

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That sort of bravery is immensely impressive, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

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