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‘It's Do Or Die’: All The Shocking Challenges From Finals Week

Finals week saw emotions run high as the competition skyrocketed and challenges were both nasty and fun.  

The teams sang their way into the last week of the race with a challenge that had them stand on a stage and perform an opera ballad to a small live audience.  

While Aleisha and Chris thrived - thanks to Aleisha’s experience performing - the other teams struggled to remember words and stay in tune, sounding as tone-deaf as they felt.  

Just as things were looking up for Chris and Aleisha, everything came tumbling down when a U-Turn was placed up ahead.  

One of the most horrific intersections in the race saw teams come together to shuck 100 oysters; a challenge that vegans Chris and Aleisha baulked at. And it would seem the Cowboys held a bit of grudge. So, when one of the detours instructed teams to eat a variety of raw eggs, they didn’t need to think twice when deciding who to U-turn.  

Our favourite vegans were forced to either complete the egg detour, or face a very lengthy time penalty when they arrived at the Pit Stop.  

Like an absolute legend, Chris ate a quail egg, duck egg, chicken egg and a giant emu egg. But despite their admirable effort, they arrived last to the Pit Stop. Luckily for them, it was a non-elimination challenge.  

Fast-forward to leg 22, where the teams had to conduct a science experiment in Broken Hillon streets fittingly named after elements and compounds 

“The teams must follow clues to find four street intersections, which features names of different compounds. They must pick up a piece of equipment, or chemical before making their way to a mad scientist to conduct the experiment,” Beau explained in the episode.   

Chris and Aleisha got very lost and found themselves in last place almost immediately.  

“We knew we were in last place at that point, because we went the wrong way. Annow we know we have to play catch up and that’s stressing us out even more,” Chris said. 

That was, until they arrived at the see-saw challenge, where they jumped all the way to second place thanks to their small statures.  

Aleisha had to sit on one end of the seesaw and I had to fill up the other end of the seesaw [with dirt] so they would balance out, Chris said. 

They dug their way out of the challenge in second place, but the head start didn’t last long. At the John Dynon Gallery in Silverton, Chris and Aleisha were left behind with Anurag and Jas, counting pushbike wheels.  

It’s another counting task and the thing with counting tasks is you can easily miss one, or you can easily add one,” Anurag said.  

Fighting for the last spot this is where things got HEATED. 

The Gold Coast girls who had already successfully counted the bikes and finished the next shoey challenge (we’ll get to that), were running to the Pit Stop. As they passed the boys, they told them the number of bikes just as Chris and Aleisha guessed the correct answer.  

Our alliance with the Super Sikhs has always been super strong. We promised them a long time ago that we would help them out when we can and theyd help us out,” the Gold Coast girls said. 

Although Chris and Aleisha saw it as an unfair move, the others saw it as strategy. They all wanted to get to the end together.  

We knew that we were clearly last, but we could beat Chris and Aleisha in a foot race. Its game on, itdo or die, right here right now, the Super Sikhs said.  

They got to the next challenge seconds before Chris and Aleisha, downed a gross concoction from a drag queens stiletto boot and legged it to Beau, taking the final spot in the top three and kicking Chris and Aleisha out of the competition.  

That left the final three: The Cowboys, The Gold Coast Girls and The Super Sikhs. 

The shoey challenge may have looked repulsive, but it had nothing on the next eating challenge in Sydney which was far, far worse.  

“I don’t eat meat, or chicken, or eggs and this was a mix of all of them, but semi-developed. There are feathers, there’s bones, beaky-things, there’s eyes – it just wasn’t right, the Gold Coast girls said. 

The teams played roulette with two different types of eggs: 21-day-old and 28-day-old 

Whichever the arrow landed on, had to be eaten. And, oddly enough, the Cowboys, who have always been terrible at eating challenges, conquered it.  

“Once we got our next egg, we just kept smashing them down. I actually really enjoyed it. He’s the fussiest eater I know and he absolutely smashed it,” the Cowboys said. 

Then, they went to what may have been the coolest challenge in The Amazing Race history.  

With Sydney shooting multiple Marvel movies, one member from each team had to step into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and recreate an iconic stunt jump -- a terrifying 10 metre jump through a wall of fire and boy, did it look awesome.  

“This was really scary. Theres a lot of pressure, I have to get this right, Anurag said. 

The Cowboys were ahead of the other teams and arrived to the Pit Stop first, then it was a race to the end between the Gold Coast Girls and the Super Sikhs. 

Luckily enough, it was another non-elimination leg so the girls, who arrived last, were given another shot at the grand cash prize.  

But that wasn’t the end. Beau had another surprise up his sleeve in the lead up to the finale – a night in a tent hanging off a cliff face. 

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