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‘It Did Break A Couple Of Teams’: Beau Ryan Admits This Season Of The Amazing Race Will Be Tougher On Home Turf

Beau Ryan is back at the helm for a second season of The Amazing Race, and this year it’s all in our own backyard.

Speaking to 10 play ahead of Monday night’s Season 2 premiere, Beau said he saw the original route which included spots throughout South America, North America, and Europe, but when COVID forced countries to begin to close their borders, plans obviously changed.

“When they decided we’d do a big race across Australia I just felt at ease,” he admitted.

During his rugby league career, Beau travelled the country playing in many stadiums but said he hadn’t ever had the opportunity to really see what Australia has to offer.

“I hadn’t seen the places that we wanted to touch on… some of them, obviously a lot of people in Australia will know but a lot of little towns I think we’re going to put on the map which is a great feeling for me.”

Due to restrictions, Beau and the teams went into quarantine, which the host said was difficult for him, being the human equivalent of an Energizer Bunny.

“And it did break a couple of teams, as you’ll see on Monday night. It was hard, but it’s a hard show!”

Beau also said this year would be more difficult for the teams due to the home turf advantages they had.

“Because of communication and language barriers overseas even a simple thing like getting public transport can be really hard,” he explained. “Especially people in their hometown [they] had a big advantage.

“The great thing about Australia is you can hit any season at any time,” Beau continued. “You’re on a two-hour flight and you’re in the tropics. Get on a four-hour flight and you’re in the snow!”

The 14 teams competing for a chance to be the first team to arrive at the final Pit Stop and win themselves the $250,000 grand prize were picked out of what Beau described as the biggest pool of applicants ever.

“It’s easy for our show to cast well because we have so many people apply,” he said, adding, “I would have loved to have more teams but we couldn’t!

“You’re about to see the best of the best go at it.”

Despite conditions changing day-by-day with border closures and restrictions, Beau said the show was able to not only put together a race that shows off the best Australia has to offer but that “you cannot tell we’re in the middle of a pandemic”.

“We thanked God every day that we got it filmed,” he said. “We touched every bit of Australia we could and I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve done!”

The Amazing Race Australia Season 2 premieres Monday, February 1 on 10 and WIN Networks