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‘It All Came Crashing Down’: Chris And Aleisha Eliminated As Their Spot In The Finale ‘Taken Away’ At The Last Moment

They were the underdogs who battled through three sabotages and a U-Turn but the alliance finally made their move and squeezed Chris and Aleisha out of the finale.

For the last few weeks, the alliance have had the Geek and Princess in their crosshairs, hoping to have an all-alliance final four. Ashleigh and Amanda, Brendon and Jackson, Jaskirat and Anurag, and Jake and Skye-Blue were hopeful their strategy to work together and help each other would see the four teams battling it out for the top spot.

The alliance would often help each other at tasks, so long as the help wouldn’t sacrifice their own position in the race, and as we got closer to the pointy end of the competition, teams began leaning on each other to jump places in the race.

Speaking to 10 play over the phone, Chris remembered the cheese challenge where the Sikhs gave Skye-Blue and Jake the correct answer so they could finish the challenge as quickly as possible.

“I think MJ and Chelsea would still be in the race if that wasn’t the case,” Chris said. “Both us and MJ and Chelsea made up a lot of time on Skye-Blue and Jake and they probably only beat us by 10 minutes. If they had to do that full cheese challenge, that might have taken them 20-30 minutes and MJ and Chelsea would still be here if it weren’t for that alliance.”

Aleisha agreed, adding, “When you tell someone else the answer that just leaves everybody else with little or no chance to catch up.

“I don’t feel like that’s a fair way to play. If there are four teams battling it out and one team tells another team the answer, then the last two teams are left struggling and it’s not really on everybody’s own merit. It’s not really playing an ethical game.”

The pair know firsthand how someone handing another team an answer can affect the race. On Monday night the duo had just gotten in front of Jaskirat and Anurag who were struggling to finish a tire-counting challenge. Seeing Amanda and Ashleigh run past, the Sikhs ran over to ask them the correct answer, putting themselves into a footrace with Chris and Aleisha.

“We worked so hard that leg to jump some spots and get out of last place,” Chris said. “Then it all just came crashing down because one team told another the answer.

“You’ve worked so hard to get through that particular task and they just get it handed to them. It’s a huge kick in the guts,” he said. “We did the work and someone else didn’t but they get through.”

Chris said that there isn’t a “good way to be eliminated”, and while helping another team is within the rules of the race, he said the sting of seeing Jaskirat and Anurag slip in front of them after being handed the answer to a challenge made their elimination even harder.

“I think just being so close as well,” he added, “It almost would have been easier if we were out halfway through or early on in the race. It was really, really hard on us on the mat.”

The alliance versus Chris and Aleisha dominated the later part of the game, which was a surprise to the Geek and the Princess.

“I think they pegged us as a weak team and then couldn’t handle it when we beat them,” Aleisha said. “I think we just kept surprising everybody and being a strong team… there were some teams that seemed frustrated whenever we beat them.”

Having battled through the race, the duo said their goal was to reach the final three.

“We were really shattered when that was taken away from us,” Chris said.

Watching the series back and seeing how much the alliance helped each other through the race, the duo added that they had formed friendships during their time in the competition in an effort to rival the power of the alliance, but luck wasn’t on their side.

“Every time we’d start to build up that, we’d have the voting power or start to have a majority, one team on our side would leave,” Chris explained.

“If we had to do it again, I don’t know if we’d do anything differently. We ran an ethical race and I think running your own race is the most ethical way of doing it. That means the best team wins at the end rather than a group help pull each other through.”

“Overcoming three sabotages, a U-Turn and everybody, in the end, trying to get us out,” Aleisha added, “we weren’t going to give up. We were going to fight right to the end. We were going to fight by ourselves and in our own race, we weren’t going to give up.

“We still have the race fire in us.”

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