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‘I Was Always Too Proud To Seek Out Help’: Shocking Moments From Week 1 That Nobody Saw Coming

The Amazing Race Australia has come back bigger and tougher than ever and in only three episodes, we’ve seen bombshell after bombshell.

So far, the teams have travelled through Queensland, visiting Daintree, the Gold Coast and Longreach while participating in some true blue, Aussie challenges involving beer, prawns, cane toads and ugg boots.

But while some thrived, others felt the strenuous pressures of the race and life back home, leading to the first moment that left us all flabbergasted.

At the beginning of episode 2, a team walked out of the competition. Despite doing an amazing job in the first leg of the race and coming second place, twin models Alex and Jack felt it was best that they return home and the reason behind it will tug at your heart strings.

“Before [racing], obviously we had to quarantine in a hotel for 14-15 days. During that time for Alex, something surfaced that he had to deal with and the race environment isn’t the right environment for him to deal with it,” Jack said at the beginning of the episode.

Beau mentioned in an interview with 10 play that the conditions did “break a couple of teams”, but nobody expected this shake up so early in.

“It’s like this lens came on my eyes and I didn’t find anything fun – nothing was fun, nothing made me happy. And the whole point we did this was yeah, the money’s great, but to be honest it wasn’t for the money, it was to have fun,” the boys told 10 play in their after the race interview.

“I think a lot of stuff from my past came up and Jack and I have been through similar things and he has sought out help and I was always too proud to seek out help. I think that now I will seek out help because I realise how important it is. I think mental health is incredibly important,” Alex said.

Their sad departure from the race meant a spot was now available, so Beau decided to give another team a second chance.

Dwes and Katherine were the first team to be eliminated and everyone was more than happy to welcome them back, “it was just too early on in the game for them to leave,” Malaan & Tina said.

Being back meant that it was time for Dwes and Katherine to redeem themselves, but also “time to show that we can be as competitive as other teams,” Dwes said.

Unfortunately, while they might have been saved, another team was eliminated in the same episode. Mums, Jude and Shannon were hit with a massive blow in the second leg of the race – a sabotage from the First Class Pass that Jaskirat and Anurag received for coming first place.

The sabotage was a severe disadvantage that restricted one of the mums from speaking for the entire duration of the third leg. On the other side of the first class pass, power couple Holly and Dolor were given a Salvage, which was a massive advantage allowing them to jump ahead of the other teams.

These twists are some we’ve never seen in the history of The Amazing Race Australia and if the first week has already held a bombshell walk out, a surprise second chance and a shocking First Class Pass twist, we can’t wait to see what the rest of the season will hold.

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