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‘I Started To See What We Were Capable Of’: Jobelle Collier And Rani Alegre Eliminated From The Amazing Race Australia

The father-daughter duo seemed to have hit their stride and despite a salvage advantage, the pair were sadly eliminated in Leg 6 of the race.

After seeing Ron and Christina Hsu competing in Season 12 of the US version of The Amazing Race, Jobelle was determined to compete alongside her dad Rani.

When applications opened last year Jobelle was pregnant with daughter Ivy, and couldn’t take part so when the second season rolled around she knew exactly what to do.

After a rocky start, the pair were situated in the back of the pack having incurred a time penalty for not completing a task and checking in 11th. But in the following legs of the race, the duo were able to fight their way to the middle of the pack and maintain a solid momentum.

“We were really nervous in the beginning,” Jobelle told 10 play, “we weren’t reading our clues very well and we got a bit deflated because we weren’t doing well in the first challenge. But after that we found our rhythm.”

During the fourth leg in Townsville, the pair left their lantern behind and had to walk back up the Castle Hill monolith to retrieve it, and they still managed to check in 6th at the end of the leg.

“We just thought, had we not forgotten our lantern and wasted an hour on it, what could we have achieved?” Jobelle said, adding, “I really started to see what we were capable of… but alas, the ocean came for us.”

On Tuesday night, during the treasure hunt task, Jobelle and Rani had to swim out to sea to find a bottle with a clue inside, using only an inflatable lilo as support. While swimming out to where the bottle was, Rani began to struggle and panicked.

“The challenge was really intense and we tried our best,” Rani told 10 play. “Unfortunately, I realised that up until now I’m still afraid of open, deep water.”

The pair still continued to fight, knowing they would incur a time penalty when they reached the pit stop, but unfortunately as a pre-determined elimination round, when the duo checked in at last place they were eliminated.

“[It has been] so much fun to be able to re-live the memories of the show because I was really deflated about losing,” Jobelle said. “To be able to watch the good times again has been pretty good for me.”

Her dad agreed, adding, “It feels like it only happened yesterday, seeing those familiar places and faces.”

When they finally checked in at the Pit Stop on Tuesday night, Jobelle began to tear up saying her childhood dream was to compete alongside her dad on the race, but that her “adult dream” was waiting for her back home.

“We definitely went through all the emotions in the race,” Jobelle told 10 play. “I felt like I was crying every five minutes but it was just all the emotions; frustration, joy as well, a lot of joy, but feeling all the feels.

“I am pretty competitive so I get hyper-focused when I’m trying to compete,” she continued, “but also being away from home, not hearing from them or having any communication with my kids and our family.”

Her dad would wake up most mornings and tell her about the dreams he had about her mum.

“He would wake up and tell me, ‘I miss mum so much! I had another dream about mum!’ So I could tell that my dad was missing home too,” she said.

During one airport transit the pair saw that their home of Shepparton was undergoing a mass testing of COVID-19 last year with fears of a mass outbreak. Being far from home, Jobelle said it played on their minds quite a bit, but neither considered quitting.

“I really wanted to stay,” she said.

“Me too,” Rani added.

“Are you sure? You kept saying that you miss mum,” Jobelle teased. “At the time dad was saying he was ready to go home.”

Jobelle continued saying, “It’s such a short time in our lives… my kids have already forgotten I was even gone. Eight weeks in compared to a whole lifetime? That’s nothing! I was gutted it was cut so short.”

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