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‘I Knew That Was Our Time Out’: Sefa And Jess Faced Their Fears But Couldn’t Drift Through The Amazing Race

After Jess conquered several of her biggest fears throughout the race, it was a drifting challenge that sadly ended the hysterical team’s time in the race.

Throughout the competition Sefa and Jess have kept Australia laughing with their golden commentary and banter but sadly, on Sunday night, the duo faced an uphill battle of knife-throwing, croc wrangling and drifting that spelled the end to the fan-faves.

Having known each other for over 15 years, Sefa told 10 play he had always been keen to compete on The Amazing Race.

“I thought it would be a good idea to have Jess on and I’m glad Australia agrees, she’s friggin hilarious and it would be the funniest situation,” he said.

“Basically,” Jess jumped in, “Sefa just wanted to be on national TV and have a laugh at me. HE just wanted, you know, to be on record and be on the internet permanently.”

In leg six, Jess powered through her fear of deep water and the pair managed to slide into second place just after Skye-Blue and Jake. But during the seventh leg things seemed to get away from the duo quickly.

Having to face another of her fears not once but twice, Jess and Sefa had to first carry a crocodile to be measured. Later, when Jess volunteered to complete a roadblock, she had to once again deal with her fears of crocs as she swam through croc-infested waters.

“I remember when we first got told we made it in [to the show] I backed out because… I knew I was bound to face my fears.”

Thankfully Jess decided to push on and face her fears head-on.

“I decided I was just going to face it and see how I go. The last couple of episodes where I got to really take them on, I came home very fulfilled. I feel like I did amazing in overcoming them and now I can say that I’m superwoman!”

Expecting the race to have a physical toll, Sefa said he wasn’t expecting how difficult the was going to be mentally.

“When it came to the challenges themselves I thought Jess and I did pretty well. Obviously not well enough to not get eliminated but I thought we did okay,” he said, laughing.

“But I thought we did okay. Then it was just a mental game, keeping your head in the game and staying focused. That’s a large portion of it.”

Battling to climb out from the back of the pack, Sefa and Jess managed to stick to the pack, arriving at the final task while several other teams were still trying to complete it. Ultimately it came down to the pair against Jordan and Violetta.

The drain of the day began to take its toll, with Sefa admitting that after their first unsuccessful attempt at the drift challenge, he knew it was going to be a struggle to not be eliminated.

“I don’t even know where my head was at that point,” he said. “You try and remain as hopeful as you can — that would be more me than Jess because Jess got it, she did the task. I just couldn’t… I think getting into the car after everyone had left, the writing was on the wall and so the last lap we knew was just going to be a joy ride and that was it.”

Jess said seeing Sefa’s face fall was the moment when she began preparing for the worst.

“Seeing Sefa like, I just saw that it was one thing he wasn’t going to get so I was like okay, you know what? We’re going to enjoy this last ride and whatever happens happens. But I knew that last go, that was our time out.”

“You really do have to work as a team to get it done,” Sefa added. “I’m grateful for Jess in that leg. There were times where I was really defeated and she was pushing through even though she had to face her biggest fears… we definitely had to rely on each other.”

Looking back, the pair reflected on if the race had brought them closer together.

“I think so… eventually,” Sefa said. “To be honest, when we came back… you just want a break!”

Having quarantined together ahead of the race, then spending every moment together during, the pair said they were ready for some time apart.

“Both of us, when we came home we were like, ‘Yeah I’ll talk to you in like six months’,” Sefa said.

“Nah literally at the airport I said, ‘Peace out. See you in a year’s time,” Jess added, laughing.

Sefa laughed and said, “Yeah, ‘See you next year bro’, I was like yeah, all good.”

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