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'I Don’t Know Why Everyone’s Not Playing Smart': It’s Halfway Through The Season And The Teams Are Playing With Strategy

It’s getting down to the crunchy end of The Amazing Race Australia and SO much has happened. 

The teams are starting to show their true colours, revealing their strategies and working together to hopefully take out the $250,000.  

If you’re falling behind on the race goss, keep reading because this recap is all you need to get caught up! 

Week five started off to a great start (for some), with teams travelling back to the beautiful city of Townsville. Here they had to drive a caravan, park it, and sign their name on a board which would indicate the order they would leave in the next day.  

Chris and Aleisha, being sly and all, decided to get out of the caravan, sign their names off and then park, overtaking three teams who were ahead of them. Wayne and Stan were left in last place and they were not happy.  

“I feel like shit,” Wayne said. “I thought everyone had to park first then sign up, not just get out of the car. I guess it doesn’t specify and they just legged it to the board first. 

Chris and Aleisha revealed that they’re going to do whatever it takes to ensure they remain close to the top, even if it means slightly bending the rules. 

“I think we made the right decision because now we are leaving in fourth instead of seventh. Every single team left is physically more powerful than us, so we need to start maneuvering like that, otherwise were going to be left out,” Aleisha said.  

Aleisha and Chris may be the smallest, but they sure chose one of the most intense detours we’ve ever seen on The Amazing Race Australia 

In Brains and Brawn, teams had to complete a demanding, physically draining battle training with the Australian army.  Then, in a simulation exercise, they had to use maths to determine the location of a target and hit it with an artillery bomb.   

“The course was really tough, not just physically but mentally. I was absolutely buggered, I threw up on the second obstacle,” the Cowboys said.  

“It’s a hard-core course," the Sikhs said. "We had to jump over things, we crawled through things, [there was] gunfire – it’s another level and just kept getting harder and harder. We just wanted to make sure we don’t stuff up.”  

Even though it took quite a few attempts and Dolor wasn’t shooting anything, he particularly loved the challenge.  

“I’ve always wanted to be in the army. I play Call of Duty so it was cool wearing the outfit and being part of the army for that little bit. Id do this in my own time for fun, so I really enjoyed doing this challenge,” Dolor said. 

During the second lot of detours, Stowaways MJ and Chelsea, who are usually on top of the game when it comes to navigation, got lost and decided to follow Skye-Blue and Jake. 

But when they arrived, it looked a lot like a pit stop and not so much like a detour challenge.  

“MJ and Chelsea, you are 5th team to arrive, however you haven’t finished a detour so I cant check you in. Go and do it and I’ll see you soon,” Beau said.  

So the girls headed back the way they came, found the candy store and made a few lollipops 

Luckily for them, they ended up making it back and the last team, Stan and Wayne were not eliminated as it was a predetermined non-elimination challenge. 

Up next was the Sunshine Coast, where there was a surprise intersection. One member of each team had to work with another to ‘rescue’ their partners.  

While every team member who needed to be rescued headed to a lookout, Dolor and Chris decided to ‘not be a sheep’ and go the opposite way. Which was the wrong way.

 And this was the challenge where the alliances became clear. 

There’s the original foursomes alliance, the stowaways alliance and then there’s Holly and Dolor, who think they’re in an alliance with Chris and Aleisha, but it isn’t always reciprocated.   

“I love Chris and Aleisha. We formed a good alliance from the very beginning, " Dolor said. "You know, its really paying off. Right now we're just tailgating them to the next place." 

But that seemed to really irritate Aleisha and Chris, who said, they’re having a pretty nice day, we told them to go get directions and they didn’t, they just followed us.” 

Dolor and Holly may have followed them to the next challenge, but when they offered to help Chris and Aleisha with the cuckoo detour, they wouldn’t have any of it and decided to change detours.  

We said to Chris and Aleisha, you should just stay with us and if we get an answer, we will show it to you. Then they just left. I don’t know, we’ve been in an alliance all day so I thought they would’ve at least stayed. They should’ve stuck with us,” Dolor said. 

And that decision cost Aleisha and Chris their high spot in the race, bringing them down to second last and at the mercy of yet another First Class Pass.  

Just like last time they got a Savage and had to carry Wayne and Stan's bags. 

“Our backpacks are about 8-9kg," Chris said. "I think theirs was probably about 15kg each, so a lot of weight for us.”  

“I felt horrible that Chris and Aleisha had to carry our bags," Stan said. "They’re just so little."  

Despite having a helping hand for the fifteenth leg of the race, Stan and Wayne were the last team to arrive and were eliminated in Brisbane. 

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