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‘Flaunt It Baby’: Teams Hula, Gallop And Tap Their Way To The Final Four

As the competition got more intense, teams were forced to put their dancing shoes on and perform some tricky choreography to secure a place in the final four.

With just four teams remaining, here’s what you missed this week.

From tap dancing to hula hooping, this week the remaining teams really had to put their best foot forward.

In the last Tassie leg, things got physical as teams had to carry ten 10 kilo bricks from one end of the town of Ross to the other, before sprinting off to their next task. For some teams, the cardio session didn’t end there as they attempted the Big Cheese Detour which saw them sprinting up a hill with the correct weight of cheese.

Unfortunately for MJ and Chelsea, a dreaded U-Turn popped up and forced them to complete both Detours before heading to the Pit Stop. Sadly for the AFLW superstars, that meant the end to their time in the race.

Heading to New South Wales, the remaining teams faced one of several tough choreography-based challenges as they had to learn and perform a routine with Newcastle’s Tap Dogs.

“There is no way that any team is going to be able to do what those guys are doing on stage,” Jake said having seen the Tap Dogs perform the routine.

But for dancer Aleisha and husband Chris, the task was right up their alley and the duo smashed it on their first attempt.

And Chris and Aleisha’s good luck wasn’t over yet.

Later in the leg, teams had to complete a synchronised dressage routine -- a pas de deux -- on hobby horses. When the cowboys saw that they weren’t actually going to be riding real horses, something right up their alley, they were less than impressed.

“We wanted to actually do a challenge with a bit of skill about it, not jumping around like Looney Tunes,” Jackson said.

As the teams travelled around the Blue Mountains in the 20th leg, they faced another daunting routine, this time with hula hoops. The tricky choreography, coupled with a few hula tricks, saw several teams really struggle.

While Jake and Skye-Blue were hula hoping for some kind of divine intervention to get them out of the task, surprisingly it was the Cowboys who really seemed to get a kick out of it.

Making their way through rehearsal, Brendon and Jackson also made sure to practice the over-the-top facial expressions they saw during the demo.

“I feel like if I’m doing this I need a bit of full package,” Brendon said. “I want the lipstick… I want everything.”

“Bend over and flaunt it, baby! You just had to get into it,” the Cowboys laughed.

Unfortunately for Skye and Jake, their hula hooping meant that they were the last team to check-in at the Pit Stop, making Brendon and Jackson, Ashleigh and Amanda, Jaskirat and Anurag, and Chris and Aleisha our final four teams!

Who will be the last team standing -- or should we say dancing? Only time will tell! And we can’t wait to see what’s in store for our final four in the next legs of the race.

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