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Cowboys Jackson And Brendon Win The Amazing Race Australia 2021

Tamworth Cowboys Jackson Dening and Brendon Crawley have been crowned the winners of The Amazing Race Australia after a gruelling 24-leg race across Australia.

The Grand Finale saw them conquer the final leg of the race, narrowly beating Ashleigh Lawrence, Amanda Banks, Jaskirat Dhingra and Anurag Sobti to the very last pit stop. Together, they hiked up the strenuous Mount Kosciuszko in hopes to pocket the $250,000 prize. 

“I guess it was probably lucky that we only got one sausage roll at the Blue Mountains,” Brandon laughed when chatting with 10 play. 

If I had any more meat pies in me, I probably would have thrown up,” Jackson agreed. “I was struggling up Mount Kosciuszko… I was feeling beat up and I don’t do well with cardio so it was a big sigh of relief when we got to the end.” 

The Cowboys won the previous leg in Sydney and their goal was to remain in the lead and keep pushing no matter what. That mentality is what they believe got them through to the end in first place. 

“I was dumbfounded really; I was just in shock. Like, I still don’t think it’s really kicked in to be honest,” Brendon said.  

“It definitely hasn’t kicked in. We didn’t even expect to get on the race, so when we got there, we decided if we don’t get eliminated, we’ll be alright. But as we went on and got to the top three, then became the winners – we surprised ourselves and, even months afterwe have smiles from ear to ear,” Jackson said.  

The Cowboys were ecstatic to be racing alongside teams in their alliance, The Gold Coast Girls and The Super Sikhs, in the final leg, because they wanted to be surrounded by the biggest competitors.  

“We were quite happy having them in the final because we thought they’re all tough competition and, if we can win against tough competition like that, it makes it feel more deserving,” Brendon said.  

But they revealed that the other teams may have underestimated how strong two country blokes from Tamworth are 

“I think they definitely underestimated us, we underestimated ourselves to be honest,” Brendon said. 

“We always know we can achieve whatever we want to, but until we got there and probably ran three, maybe four legs, we actually looked at each other and said we can keep up with these people,” Jackson said.  

During the episode, the Cowboys mentioned that they competed in the race not only for their family, but for farmers across Australia who had also been affected by the fires and droughts last year.  

I think the biggest thing is yeah, we’re doing it for our family but we’re the only country-farming people on the race and we’ve had a pretty tough eight years. We’re not out of it yet… we’ve just been through a drought and everything else, so for us to represent country people and cowboys, there’s a bit of pressure on our shoulders, but we just wanted to represent them in the right way, Jackson told 10 play. 

After winning the $250,000 cash prize, the boys are still tossing up on what they want to spend it on. 

Id be getting myself a new set of teeth straight up,” Brendon laughed. “Id love to try and donate a little bit of money somehowto try and give back to the farmers - but nothings set in concrete yet. Then maybe set up a trust account for the boys and if theres any change left, maybe put a deposit down on a house. 

Despite heading into the race without knowing what to expect, the Cowboys smashed through every challenge and definitely deserved the win.  

“We never thought we’d do anything like that but we’re glad we did. We met a lot of lifetime friends and we have many experiences that we can share with our boys and everyone else who watches,” Jackson said.  

We didn’t just win $250,000, we won $250,000 worth of experience too,” Brendon said.  

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