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Terry's Talks Ep 2: Keeping Your Eye On The Ball

Air Date: Thu 8 Nov 2018

Goal shame, it's a thing. So is having your eye on too many balls. Maintain focus, Tilgrims, focus


About the Show

Looking to improve yourself and your life? You’ve come to the right place. Terry’s Talks is a series of low-budget vlogs starring - you guessed it - Terry (Roach), How To Stay Married's loveable nextdoor neighbour.

Terry's on a mission to impart his very special brand of (dubious) wisdom on the people. Mindfulness, work/life balance, keeping it spicy in tired relationships – he's got his own interpretations on all that stuff, and anything else you need in order to navigate this wondrous breathing-exercise we call Life.

Featuring the hilarious Darren Gilshenan as Terry, with guest appearances from HTSM’s Marlo (Nikki Britton) and Brad (Phil Lloyd), if you want more Terry, head to 10 play for the latest and the greatest talks.

Terry Talks. Or Terry’s Talks. We’re not sure what they’re actually called, it’s never been confirmed.