Unseen: Car-Jack
NC | Crime

The dog squad are called to an abandoned vehicle


About the Show

The Territory Cops are officially back for a third season, and crikey these true-blue Aussies have got some stories to tell.

Hold onto your Akubra's and watch out for those crocs because when you’re a Territory Cop, no shift is ever the same. Patrolling over a million square kilometres of unforgiving landscape, dangerous wildlife, wild weather and precarious criminals, this iconic observational documentary series takes a behind-the-scenes look into the working lives of Australia’s busiest yet least-known police force – the Northern Territory Police.

Expect the unexpected because in the Top End, anything can happen. From drunken misadventure to serious assault, drug trafficking, driving offences, property theft and a whole lot of public nuisance, our cameras have unrestricted access to the dangerous, bizarre, heart-breaking, and hilarious moments that these cops face on a day-to-day basis.

Based in the Darwin Police Headquarters, located just off the infamous Mitchell street where the drinks are flowing and clothing is optional, we meet the officers from the Territory’s key operating units.

The City Safe Patrol Team is responsible for Mitchell Street’s pubs and clubs after dark, the Strike Force Trident is the NT’s dedicated property theft unit, the Traffic Police monitor the random breath testing stations and highway patrols and lastly, the Dog Squad oversee drug detection.

The series will also feature the normally off limits, and very dangerous world of the Organised Crime and Drug Unit. Full of colourful characters and non-stop action, we join these cops in the patrol cars as they work to track down their targets.

The new season will also showcase the heart-breaking job facing the cops of the Major Crash Investigation Unit, and the important role the Aboriginal Community Police Officers play in the country’s Top End.

This ground-breaking and jaw-dropping-ly good series is jam packed with unparalleled access and never before seen footage that will make you laugh, cry, and confirm that some things really can only happen in the NT.