MasterChef’s Hayden Quinn Is Back With His Own Cooking Show, And Here’s What You Can Expect

A great sense of humour, backward caps and delicious, meaty dishes - these are all things Hayden Quinn is known and loved for.

Starting out as a lifeguard with a passion for food, Hayden has come a long way since his home-style cooking competitions against his mother in their Northern Beaches home.

He first appeared on our screens in season three of MasterChef Australia, where he created vibrant, tasty dishes which not only impressed the judges, but thousands of viewers. He also hosted Hayden Quinn South Africa and Surfing the Menu Next Generation on the ABC, and recently came back for a second stint on MasterChef season 12.

Now a household name and fan-favourite, Hayden has returned with a second series of his self-described ‘baby’, Taste Of Australia With Hayden Quinn, and here’s what we can expect.

Knowledge, With A Side Of One-Liners

One of the many reasons we love Hayden is because of his playful personality and fun sense of humour. Throughout the show, Hayden extracts knowledge from the experts he meets and dips his toes in what they do. But he simply wouldn’t be Hayden if his funny one-liners didn’t come out to play. Whether he’s fishing, cooking, or hunting for precious stones, he makes room for his witty personality to shine, and we live for it!

Meet Unique Experts

Hayden meets a variety of characters who either grow, source or create the food we know and love, such as buffalo cheese, fish, tomatoes and garlic. They share great tips and extensive knowledge on their produce, so you will know if what you’re buying is fresh.

There are even some slightly more unique characters, like Al Davis, for example, who is a Sapphire fossicker in New England. He teaches Hayden how to rummage through thousands of rocks to find a Sapphire, promising that all his customers never leave without a little nugget. True to his word, Hayden walks away with a small Sapphire stone. Well, that’s our next weekend trip planned!

Discover New Locations

In every episode, Hayden travels to a new place in NSW. This means you’ll see beautiful landscapes and the best produce which is grown and sold in that area. Be sure to visit these spots for yourself after lockdown laws are lifted!

Get Tasty Recipes

After Hayden collects and learns about all the produce from each episode, he sits down with his pots and pans and creates a delicious dish, which is super quick and easy for you to re-create at home.

So, join him every Saturday at 4pm as he travels around our beautiful country. Discover new locations, characters and amazing food that make up the REAL taste of Australia and grab some new recipes to try along the way.

Taste Of Australia With Hayden Quinn is on 10 & 10 play livestream, or catch-up on 10 play.