Can Do Or Too Taboo?
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Is any topic 'Too Taboo' for Harley Breen? We play a game to find out what subjects he would and wouldn't make an episode about

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About the Show

Comedian Harley Breen invites guests away on holiday to spend time discussing provocative topics including death, racism, mental health and physical disability.

Breen will get to know people who are terminally ill, people who’ve experienced racism, people who live with mental illness and people living with a physical disability. After listening to each individual story, the comedian will ask some very important questions – When it comes to death, racism, mental health and physical disability – what’s funny? And what’s not?

Armed with a much more empathetic understanding of these particular human conditions, Harley will then write a stand-up comedy routine about his new friends and perform it in front of them and their loved ones

This program explores topics including depression and suicide.  If you are affected by this program you can talk to someone at Lifeline 13 11 14