Survivor US: It's Time To Start Binging

Calling all Survivor fans – Survivor US has landed on 10 play!

10 play has a bunch of seasons of Survivor US, so it's time to start binge watching!

Not sure where to start? We’ve handpicked some memorable seasons of Survivor to get you started - and don’t worry, we’ve avoided spoilers!

Survivor: Borneo (Season 1)

16 Americans started the journey of a lifetime when they volunteered to be marooned on the mysterious island of Borneo, and with that the worldwide phenomenon of Survivor began. If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing how it all started, time to start watching now.

When the OG season hit our screens 18 years ago, it brought with it some incredibly memorable characters; Richard Hatch (the creator of the Survivor Alliance), Rudy Boesch and Gervase Peterson. The way the Survivors played this season shaped the way following seasons were played.

To put it into perspective on how popular the first season was when it first aired, more than 50 million viewers tuned into the broadcasted finale in the US. Yep, that’s how good it is, so start watching!

Survivor: Pearl Islands (Season 7)

This is a standout season, with it having a real focus on the Survivors being stranded with very little to help them survive. The series had a great cast of all first-time Survivors, most notably Sandra, Rupert and the infamous Jonny Fairplay.

The season started with a bang, with the Survivors unexpectedly thrown into the game with just the clothes on their back and the shoes on their feet (Armani suits, high heels and all).

Yep, that meant no time to choose the most suitable clothes in their suitcase, no swim suits and just one pair of clothes. It was one blow after another, when it was revealed the survivors would also get no supplies (no knife, no flint - nothing) from Jeff, only a small amount of local money and directions to a local market to haggle and barter for supplies to help them survive on the island. And that was all just in the first few minutes of the game!

This is also the season where we witness Jonny Fairplay construct an elaborate lie about his grandmother dying –  we told you it was a crazy season!

Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs Favourites (Season 16)

Season 16 was a doozy, with half the Survivors being newbies and the other half returning players. This is the season that Erik handed over immunity that he won to the illusive Pavarti Shallow. Need we say more?

Survivor Heroes vs Villains (Season 20)

From episode one, all the Survivors had something to prove, as all the Survivors were returning players with many of them already knowing each other. To further push the competiveness, they were split into two tribes determined by the persona they had earned during their previous seasons of the show; were they a hero or a villain?

And right as they hit the beach, Jeff surprised them with a challenge that resulted in a dislocated shoulder and a broken toe. So yep, things got a little competitive throughout the series, and it makes great TV watching.

These are just 4 out of a bunch of seriously addictive seasons of Survivor, all as great as the other – so it’s time to start binging!